Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


15. Dinner

Heather's P.O.V

Today the boys were at meeting the whole day so I was home with my mom and brother. We were in the kitchen baking cupcakes. "Mom I'm sorry that I havn't been home so much." I said. "Don't worry about it, I know that you have been going out with that big superstar and its overwhelming. Just Heather please be careful." "Mom don't worry." I said. "When do I get to meet him though I want to see this Louis guy, maybe we can invite him to dinner one day." "Yeah mom I'll ask him when he is done with his meetings today." Brandon was putting iceing on the finished cupcakes, but was doing a horrible job. I got some of the iceing and put it on his nose. "Hey.. what was that for." Brandon said cleaning his nose. "For doing a horrible job." I said laughing. "Oh yeah." He said with an evil smile on his face. "Yeah." I said. I regret it because he threw some iceing at me and it was all over my shirt. "I can not believe you just did that." I said. "Well believe it." He said. "Dont you dare keep throwing food around here." My mom said. I looked at my brother and it looked like we had the same idea. I stood next to my brother and we both had evil smiles on our faces. "What are you guys doing?" my mom asked confused on what was going on. Brandon and I both got iceing and threw it at my mom and it was all over her face and clothes. "I can not belive my own children would do this to me." She said. Then she started to throw iceing. We had a fight with iceing and it was all over the kitchen and on us. We were all very happy because it has been a long time since we have had fun in a family. Brandon then had the smart idea to throw cupcake batter at us and we made a bigger mess. Moments later the three of us were sitting on the floor of the kitchen just staring at the mess that we had made. Brandon had cupcake batter all over his clothes and iceing in his hair. Mom was covered in iceing. I was the worst, there was iceing in my hair mixed with cupcake batter, my clothes were so sticky. I had iceing in my face too. We just started laughing when we heard a knock at the door. "I'll get it" I said. I got up and opened the door and saw Louis. "Hey boo bear." I said. "Hey angel, what happened to you." "Well my mom, Brandon and I were making cupcakes when we decided to have sort of a food fight." I said laughing. He put his lips close to my cheek and licked some iceing of. "Yummy." he said. I giggled, I know some people might find this digusting but I found it cute. "Come in." In said. "Thank you." he said. I lead him to the kitchen were my mom and Brandon were still on the floor. "Mom this is Louis, Louis this is my mom." I said. "Hello Louis nice to finally meet you. I would shake your hand but I am a mess. I am going to go shower and I will be right back. Dummy 1 and dummy 2, clean this mess up." my mom said. Louis just laughed and said "Nice to meet you too ma'am." My mom went upstairs. "Brandon how are we going to clean this up." I said. "I can help you guys." Louis said. "Louis no you don't have to." I said. "But I want to. It will be fun come on." We each grabbed rags and began to clean. Since Louis was the tallest he cleaned the celing and the high places. We finished in no time. "Time to get cleaned up!!" Brandon yelled as he ran up the stairs. I went up to my room and Louis followed me. "You can wait for me here while I go shower. You can use my laptop." I said. "Wait." He said. "What?" I asked. "My parents want to meet you so I wanna take you up to my moms house this weekend for dinner and then my dads house?" He said. "I would love to meet your parents." I said kissing him on the lips. I could feel him smile. "How do my lips taste?" I aksed "Very yummy." he said.


Louis's P.O.V

I was excited that Heather was going to go meet my parents this weekend. When she got in the shower I got her computer. She left something open from the last time she used her computer. There were videos. I dont want to seem like a snoop but I looked at them. They were videos of Heather dancing in the studio. I looked through acouple of them, when I came across one were she looked bored. "Come one Darcy I have been dancing for hours can I take a break." she was saying. I found it funny how she was whinning. "No Heather you have to get it right. Pretend you are on stage." The other girl said, I'm guessing she is Darcy. Heather closed her eyes and tried again, but still looked bored. "Heather come on you can do this. " "Darcy I'm tired." "I have an idea, pretend you are dancing infront of Louis. " She said. That made me smile. Heather closed her eyes smiled and tried again. This time she dance beautiful. She was so graceful. "You see you could do it. " The other girl said. I could not stop smiling. Just the thought of me being Heathers inspiration to dance made me smile like and idiot. Heather came out of the bathroom and saw me smiling "What are you smiling at?" she asked. I rewinded the video to the part were the girl said to pretend she was dancing infront of me. "You were not supposed to see that." She said blushing. I giggled. "Why do you have all these videos of you dancing?" I aksed. "We do this thing in the studio were we film each other dancing and then we keep it and see what we can improve." She said. I just noded. "So I'm your inspiration to dance huh?" I said with a smile on my face. " Sort of." She said. I wrap my hands around her waist and attacked her with kisses. She couldn't stop laughing. She started to tickle me. "Heather no you know I'm very ticklish." I said barely breathing because I was laughing so hard. "I know" She said. I then pinned her to the bed and she was smiling. "Don't tickle me, you can't touch me. I am superman and no one touches superman." I said. "Fine I guess I'll never kiss you again." Heather said with a smile on her face trying to get up. "Oh no that's the only thing you can do." I said and started to kiss her.

"Don't mean to interupt but my mom wants to know if you want to stay for dinner." Brandon said. "I would love to." I replied.


Heather's P.O.V

Louis and I went down stairs to see my mom in the kitchen. "Hey mom, what are we going to have for dinner?" " How does pasta sound?" she said. "I love pasta." Louis said. "Well I'm glad." My mom started to cook. "Here let me help you." Louis said. "Boobear I didn't know you cook." "Yeah I can only do pasta." he said and started to help. I can't believe I am dating one of the memebers of the biggest boy band. What did I do to deserve such a perfect guy? He is amazing his eyes, his smile, the way he makes everyone laugh, the way he would kiss me. I caught myself staring at his bum. I never really notice what a girly bum he has. I giggled to myself. "What are you laughing at love?" Louis asked. "Oh nothing just noticing what a girly bum you have." I said still giggling." You like it." He said ina wierd accent. I started to laugh really loud. "Yes I do babe."

When dinner was done cooking Brandon and I set the table while my mom and Louis served the food. When we all sat down to eat my mom started to aske questions. "So Louis I hear you are in one direction." "Yes I am" He said. "How does it feel to be famous?"Brandon asked. "It's really fun, and I get to share it with my four bestfriends which makes it even more fun." "So you probably get alot of attention from girls." my mom said. "MOM!" I said. "Well yeah there are girls everywhere that want to meet us but there is no girl compared to Heather, she is the only one for me." Louis said as he grabbed my hand and kissed it. I could feel the heat rushing up to my face. He is so perfect. The rest of dinner went by and Louis and I were in my room, and we were both lying down on my bed. " I wonder what has been going on with Harry and Violet we haven't talked to them in a while." Louis said. "Yeah I know, I miss my bestfriend." "And I miss my curls." He said and making me laugh. I dialed Violet's number. I rang three times and then she answered, I put her on speaker. "Hello." She said. "Hey Violet, what are you up too?" "Heather!! I was just about to call you, what have you been doing?" "Oh you know have been hanging out with Louis. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever." "I know me too Heather we have to do something together tomorrow." "How are you and Harry?" Then I herd a deep voice guessing she was with Harry. "We have been doing great!" He said. "Curls is that you? Curls I miss you." Louis said. "Louis, babe I miss you too." Harry said. "Larry Stylinson moment." Me and Violet said at the same time. The boys just laughed. "Heather there is this fair in town we can go tomorrow with theu guys what do you think?" Violet said. Before I could answer Louis cut me off and said "We would love to. So we will meet you up tomorrow then?" "Sounds great see you tomorrow then. Bye." Violet said and then hung up. "Well babe I think I should get going it's getting late." Louis said. I herd disapointment in his voice he didn't want to leave my side. "No Louis please stay." Then there was a loud crash of thunder. I jumped and Louis grabbed me holding me safe in his arms. "I'm glad I can stay." he said .

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