Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


10. Confession

Heather's P.O.V

It's been acouple of days since me and Violet have spend the night the boys house. Louis keeps asking me why I left his house like that. I couldn't tell him because I had dance practice. So I made an excuse that there was an emergency at my house with my brother but he is not buying it. Since today I didn't have dance practice Louis and I decided to go to the park to play some football (soccer) which is my favorite sport. Louis invited me over to his house and when we got there we found Harry and Violet snogging on the couch. We found it very funny when both Harry and Violet started to blush. "So what do you guys want to do tonight?" Violet said trying to avoid the topic of her and Harry. "What if we go to the club?" Louis suggested. We all agreed. Violet and I went back to my place to get ready. Violet decided to wear a purple one sleeve dress, whit a brown thin belt and black pumps. I went more simple black skinny jeans, a flowery tanktop with my leather jacket, and blue pumps which matched with my tanktop. Once Violet an I were done getting ready we headed out to the boys house. "You girls look great!" Louis said as we walked in. "Thanks" I said blushing as Louis kissed my cheek, even if he kisses my cheek or my forehead I alwys get butterflies. "Shall we be leaving." Harry said as he opened the door for Violet. We got in the car and started to listen to the "Up All Night" album and Me and Violet sang along as the boys laughed at our fangirl side. The car ride was really fun and Louis kept making us laugh. We finally got to the club but fans started to get all over Louis and Harry. I could tell that Violet was jelouse and so was why but I should't because Louis and I aren't even a thing. Security finally pushed the fans away and lead us to the V.I.P sections were fans couldn't bother us. We were all ahving so much fun dancing and joking around. Louis was having to many drinks and so were Harry and Violet. I wasn't a big drinker so it looked like I was driving home tonight. It was around 2 a.m when we decided to leave. Louis was really drunk and started to talk crazy. When we finally got to the house I had to help Louis up to his room. He sat down on his bed and started to cry. Louis whars wrong why are you crying?" I said. "Because she won't let me love her." "Who ?" " Heather . I love her so much but clearly she does't feel the same way. I have never felt this way. When we wen't on a date for her birthday and when we kissed on the bench in the park I swear my heartstopped and I felt nuclear bombs go off everywhere. I would never let anything happened to her." " How do you know she doesn't feel the same way." I asked " Clearly she is seeing someone else, the day she ran away was because she was meeting up with the other guy." "Louis I love You, there is no one else in my life. I promise." " Whoa you can't love me because I love Heather." He said. That made me laugh because he didn't realize that he was talking to me Heather. "Ok Louis it's better if you go to bed now. Goodnight." I said as I walked out of his room and headed to the living room. I had no pajamas so I had to sleep in my clothes. I found a blanket on the sofa and in no time I was fast asleep. 

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