Trust Issues

Heather had a bad past with her first boyfriend and now believes that all guys are the same. When she meets a mystery guy on her ski trip who is willing to change what she thinks. Will she let this mystery guy in her life ? Maybe she will find out the meaning of true love while going on crazy adventures with this mystery guy...


7. A perfect day after all

Louis's P.O.V

Once I left Heather in her room I walked back to mine with butterflies in my stomach. I had an amazing time with Heather. When I walked in I saw Harry tied to a chair with his hands behind his back and duct tape on his mouth. "Harry what happened?!?"I asked him as I took the duct tape of his mouth. "Holy crap Louis that hurt!" "What happened?" I said again. "Zayn, Niall, Liam come and told me that they noticed that something was going on with you. They asked me were you went off to. I didn't want to tell them because you should be the one to tell the guys about Heather. Since I didn't tell them they tied me up and they should be coming now to straighten my hair." 'Harry don't worry i'll help you" I said as I untied them. Right when I untied him the rest of the guys came in. "Louis were have you been mate!" Niall said. "Guys sit down I need to talk to you." They had worried looks in there faces. "Don't worry it's nothing bad. I just wanted to tell mt bestfriends that today I was on a date with a girl named Heather for her birthday. She is so amazing and way beyond beautiful. I have never felt this way for a girl ever." I said. "Louis we are so happy for you but what about Eleanor?" Liam asked. "I only see her as a friend and I am going to talk to her tomorrow morning before my next date with Heather." "So what is the deal with this girl?" Zayn asked. "Well nothing is really official we are taking it slow. She has trust issues because of her ex boyfriend who was a total douche. So I am trying to gain her trust. I am lucky that she lives in London so I can keep seeing her." I said with a smile on my face. "Well we are happy for you mate but we are going to sleep now, and Harry your curls are safe.... For now" Niall said as they walked out the door. I got ready for bed and soon fell asleep with a big smile on my face.




Heather's P.O.V

I woke up to Adam and Violet screaming at each other. "Violet I saw the way that curly haired freak was starring at you and the way you looked at him" "Adam you are over reacting it was nothing you know that I love you." Then I saw Adam grab his suite case and back his stuff and leave. Violet started slib down the wall and sat on the florro with her face hidden in her hands. I got up and ran to her and hugged her tightly. "Violet he's just acting stupid he will come around, come on let's go have fun." "Heather you are going to be with Louis i'm just going to be a third wheel." she told me. "I don't care my bestfriend is more important then anybody else in the world, come on let's go." We started to head out to the lobby when I herd a girl screaming and then I herd someone get slapped. Next thing I saw was Louis with his hand over his cheek that was turning super red. "Louis?" "Heather hey are we still on for later on today?" "Yeah but what happened?" I asked. He sighed and then said, "Well I don't know if you guys know that I was hanging out with a girl named Eleanor..."


Oh my god I totaly forgot about Eleanor. "Yeah" I said in a worried tone. "Well she is on the trip with us and I just told her that I had met you Heather and that I just wanted to be friends with her cause I was in love with you and she took it hard and started screaming and then she slapped me." He said showing us his cheek which had gotten more red. " Louis I am so sorry...." I started to say but was then Louis cut me off "You don't have to be sorry I didn't have feelings for her. Heather I have never felt this way for any girl but you." I started to blush and then he kissed my forehead and started to blush more. I tried to hide my face but he lifted my chin and said "Don't hide your face you look adorable when you blush." " Louis do you mind if Violet joins us today she had a fight with her boyfriend and he went to the airport to go back home and she needs me right now. " I told him. " Yeah sure and if you dont mind can Harry tag along too so you guys can meet." "Yeah sure meet you in the lobby in a few." I said walking back to my room and me and Violet got ready. I could see that Violet was getting nervous. "Violet are you ok?" "Well Harry is the reason why me and Adam are fighting so please don't mention that it's his fault to Louis please." "Wait why is it Harry's fault?" She told me what haad happened between them right after I left for my date. "Ok I promise not to say anything" We left and met the boys in the lobby. "Hey, your cheek looks better." I said to Louis. "Hether this is Harry, Harry this is Heather." There was a twinkle in his eyes when he said my name. " He nice to meet you big fan." I said to Harry. " Hey, it's nice to finallt meet you Louis hasn't stopped talking about you" he said right when Louis hit him in a place where guys should never get hit. He bend over in pain and I couldn't help myself from laughing. "Oh this is my bestfriend Violet." I said. "Oh we know each other" Harry said giving Violet a smile. Violet blushed and said " Yeah we went into town together to get you the dress." "Well then should we head out then." "Yeah lets go" Louis said as he put his arm around me. We headed out to the snow to have some fun.


I was talking to Violet when I noticed that the boys had disappeared. "Violet were are the boys?" "I don't know" Then out of no where we got bombarded with snowballs. Once the snowballs stopped we herd laughing and saw Louis and Harry on the floor laughing. "Oh it's on" I said as me and Violet started to attack them with snowballs. This war went on for a while until Louis came and chased me. I tried to run but he was faster than me. When he caught up I trip on something and I tried to stop from falling by holding on to Louis but he lost his balance and I fell on my back and he fell ontop of me. " Heather don't you think we are taking this to fast" He said joking around with a huge smile on his face. " Get off of my you pervert." I said in a playful tone. We sat up in the snow and saw Violet jumping on Harry's back. "They would make a good couple don't you think love" Louis said. "Yeah but, Harry doesn't like her that way." I said and Louis covered his mouth. "Lou does Harry like Violet" He didn't say anything. "Louis tell me" "I have said to much!" He said. I started to tickle him to find out that he was extremly ticklish just like me. "Okay yes he likes her but he didn't want to break her and boyfriend up." He told me. I just smiled. We went back inside and we all went to change. We went back to the lobby to get some hot chocolate. "Louis today was another amazing day." "Yes it was." he said kissing my forehead. In the couch infront of us were Harry and Violet all cuddled up. They have gotten really cozy with each other. "I think it's time to go Violet" I said getting up. "Ok"she said in a sad tone. When we got to our room I jumped on her and screamed "Harry likes you" "What do you mean" "Lou told me while you attacked Harry outside." She had a huge smile and I could tell that she had feelings for him too. What a perfect day it turned out to be.

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