The Story Of The Song- One Direction

What are the meanings behind One Directions many songs? These stories are fan fics of how the 5 1D boys could have came up with these songs.( I had to make them all personal and none of them are real, especially the ones were people die. None of these people no One Diretcion they are just names )


4. I Wish

* Na na na na na na na na na na na na. He takes your hand, I die a little. I watch your eyes, and I'm in riddles. Why can't you look at me like that?                                                                                                           When you walk by I try to say it, but then I freeze, and never do it. My tongue gets tied, the words gets trapped. I hear the beat of my heart getting louder, whenever I'm near you*

Louis’ P.OV

I walk out to go to school and every morning I try not to but I can’t help look directly across the road to Courtney’s house. We have known each other since we were in kindergarten but in the last 2 years I started looking at her differently. She walked out the same time as I did and she waved at me like she always did. I waved back and smiled but my smile soon fell as I saw his car coming closer. She walked down the drive way and the car stopped. He got out and kissed her. Jealousy ran through my whole body. I slowly walked down still watching the two of them. He opened the door and took her hand helping her in. Hugo. The name played around in my head with envy surrounding it. The have been together now for 2 months and it was only 2 months ago I had got the courage to tell Courtney how I felt… The day I went to her house, I was greeted by her gorgeous smile and I felt my heart beat quicken, she had that effect on me. “I guess you heard.” She said so happily almost like she was squealing with excitement. “Um no I haven’t, what happened?” I was really confused at this stage. “Hugo and I are going out!” this time she didn’t squeal at the last part. I felt the smile wipe off my face completely. I quickly regained myself so I wouldn’t show that I just wanted to yell and run away and hide. “I’m so happy for your Courts.” I said with my best fake smile… that day still runs through my head every time I see her, and I wish I had just told her earlier.

* But I see you with him slow dancing. Tearing me apart, cause you don't see. Whenever you kiss him I'm breaking, oh how I wish that was me.*

Tonight was the Year 10 formal and I was planning since the start of year ten that by now I would be with Courtney, obviously that hasn’t worked. As I got off the bus I went to my friends. “So have you actually got anyone to go to the formal with Lou?” said Luke with his arms around his girlfriend Darcie. “Yea, um I’m taking Kate.” I said unhappy that I wasn’t saying Courtney’s name. “Oh yea I forgot. Do you two still need a lift?” he said obviously knowing it upset me and changing the subject. “Yea that would be good. I umm I will just go check with Kate now.” I said walking away. This was too upsetting I couldn’t deal with it, Courtney was all I could think about and how lucky Hugo was. It angered me he never treated her right. Other girls came first sometimes, I mean yes he looks at her like I do and everything like that but if I had her no one would compare.

*He looks at you, the way that I would. Does all the things, I know that I could. If only time, could just turn back. Cause I got three little words that I've always been dying to tell you.*

Luke, Darcie, Kate and I pulled up to the school hall. Everyone was outside and the first thing I noticed was Hugo was surrounded by a group of girls in the shortest, skankiest dresses. I told Kate I would be back without taking my eyes off Hugo. “Where is Courtney?” I said just as I got to him. He turned and smiled. “She just went to the bathroom.” I realised my face must make me look extremely angry so I quickly relaxed. “Okay, I just needed to talk to her.” I said a little embarrassed. “Yea of course.” He said sarcastically as I walked away. “What was that about?” Kate asked as I came back. “Oh nothing.” I said shakily, I really hated lying to her.

*But I see you with him slow dancing. Tearing me apart, cause you don't see. Whenever you kiss him I'm breaking, oh how I wish that was me.*

It was about half way through the night and I couldn’t help looking at Courtney and Hugo. I hated watching them slow dance I just kept wishing I was the one with Courtney. I saw them leave the room and I tried to have fun with Kate while they were gone. Hugo came back in without Courtney and I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened. “I’ll be back” I whisper yelled to Kate. She just smiled and nodded, she really understands where I am coming from because that is her with Luke. I walked outside into the cold air and looked around but I couldn’t find her. I walked to the corridors in the school and I heard sobbing. As I turned the corner I found Courtney sitting against the wall with her face in her hands, completely unaware that I was there. I quickly sat down next to her and hugged her. She was scared at first but as soon as she looked up and saw it was me she embraced the hug and continued crying. We stayed like this for a while until I couldn’t take it anymore. “Okay Courtney what happened?” I said as I gently lifted her head up so she was facing me. “Hugo… broke up with me.” This sent her into another round of tears. I already thought this so I don’t understand why this made me so angry, but it did. “Courtney he isn’t worth it when you went to the bathroom I saw him with all the other girls. You deserve a lot better than him. Your funny, and smart, and beautiful, and the perfect girlfriend and if he couldn’t realise it then it’s his fault.” I said with every word speaking the truth, the truth of how I really felt about this, about her…. She looked up and her crying had suddenly stopped. “Thank you Lou.” She said with the slightest smile, a smile so sweet and pure that made me smile. This was my moment and I knew it but how could I tell her? I mean what if she didn’t feel the same? “Courtney I need to tell you something.” I said shakily. “Anything.” She said smiling. “I understand if you don’t feel the same and I know this is bad timing but I waited last time and I missed out and this time I’m not. Courts you’re the girl I want to be with and I’ve felt this way for a while.” I was cut off by Courtney’s lips being pressed to mine. After the kiss I just sat there shocked, luckily she said something. “I thought you’d never say it.” She said as she laughed.

I helped Courtney up and we walked into the hall hand in hand. Everyone was slow dancing so I quickly turned Courtney around and started dancing with her. Her head was leaning on my chest and her arms wrapped around my neck. My hands on her waist and every movement she made I felt. This felt so perfect and so right. As the song finished I said goodbye to Luke and Darcie and thanked Kate for a great night. No one else was leaving but I had to be alone with Courtney. We walked down the road hand in hand until we came to park. I lead her over to the swing and she sat down. I started pushing her gently. She kept leaning back to look at me, with her hair flowing in the breeze and her smile gleaming back at me. I slowed the swing down and walked her over to a bench. “Courtney you don’t understand how much you mean to me. I promise you I will never hurt you and I promise I will always be there for you. But the only way I can make these promise true if you be mine and only mine, if you be my girlfriend.” Even though it was dark I knew she was blushing. I held her hands and looked into her eyes. “So Courtney will you be mine?” as I asked this a million different responses shot through my head. “Yes Lou, a thousand times yes.” I quickly snapped back to reality when I heard those words. I smile was spread across her face and I leant in and kissed her. I helped her up and waked her back to her house because it was now late. “Goodnight beautiful.” I said as I leant in and kissed her on her porch. “Goodnight Lou.” She said as she walked threw her door. This was now the perfect night.

*With my hands on your waist, while we dance in the moonlight. I wish it was me, that you call later on cause you wanna say good night.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cause I see you with him slow dancing. Tearing me apart cause you don't see. But I see you with him slow dancing. Tearing me apart cause you don't see. Whenever you kiss him I'm breaking, oh how I wish, Oh how I wish, Oh how I wish, that was me.

Oh how I wish, that was me.



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