little lies

sasha/viola is made to look like something shes not ,shes made to be something shes not by her manager so she can be famous but when she is made to do a song with one direction everything changes .which one of the boys sees her for her and which one sparks a romance .will there be love within the band or will one girl break them all apart?


5. one direction

one directions p.o.v

"boys go to your changing rooms and clean up your shoes will you." someone said to them they all sprinted to thier dressing room desperate to let it all out."shes a bitch " harry exclaimed as soon as the door was shut "shes horrible ,she spat on our shoes!" zayn said with outrage louis sat in the corner as they all said something about her. He pretended to clean his shoes but all he could think of was the sadness her eyes held,he had to tell someone ,they all couldnt be like thisto her .But he knew he couldnt tell them.he promised paul he wouldnt tell anyone.Anyway theyd freak out ,they wouldnt understand,louis was still unsure if he completely understood "i cant believe this" harry said "why would they do this?" then niall spoke"we should go on strike,until they say we dont have to be around her another second" louis sighed "yeah because the paparatzi wouldnt have a field day with that now would they niall?" louis said sarcastically "and anyway that would hurt her feelings" he whispered "hurt her feelings?"harry said "hurt her feelings? were you not there when she just called us talentless monkeys and spat at us?" he asked "what is with you louis shes horrible and you dont seem to get that" zayn said sitting next to louis ,louis sighed"mate whats wrong?" harry asked ,he always knew when louis was sad but he couldnt help with this one .Nope louis had decided he had to keep it to himself, it wouldnt help anyone especially not her."c'mon boys lets get cleaned up and be professional and just sing this stupid song with her i dont tink we can get out of it" liam said "we could still use my idea" niall said under his breath everyone laughed and the air lightened up.

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