little lies

sasha/viola is made to look like something shes not ,shes made to be something shes not by her manager so she can be famous but when she is made to do a song with one direction everything changes .which one of the boys sees her for her and which one sparks a romance .will there be love within the band or will one girl break them all apart?


8. nightmares

louis p.o.v

i couldnt sleep ,all night ive been thinking about her and all the secrets im holding i feel like im going to burst.ive been sqabbbling within myself.should i tell her i know? or tell someone else so i can just let it out? or would it be best to leave it burried in a loked part of myself ? i drunk some milk my mum always gave me milk when i couldnt sleep,can i still call my mum my mum after i know now? yes i decided shes looked after me my whole life shes been my mother so she is my mother.yelled at me

sashas p.o.v

i slept in my bed the darkness covering me like a blanket i dreamt in my first dream i was sasha then my manager gave me that smile to say "be mean"  i smled back at him then i ripped off my dark clothes and wore my favourite outfit underneath a bunch of paparatzi and celebrities swarmed around me they gasped and my manager "sasha what are you doing" i smiled then laughed "MY NAME IS VIOLA GREEN" the murmers really kicked of then cameras flashed and i posed for them and i finally got to smile:) the scenery changedand the sky turned blue and green gras grew under my feet mum and dad emerged and smiled at me we hugged and the sun shone radiatin gmy pure happiness the sky turned grey and a giant plane came crashing down and in a flash of a second the planes propeler came down and sliced thier heads off they fell to the floor and the words "im so dissapointed in you" escaped thier lips before everything turned black i screamed ,and screamed again until my own screams woke me up i turned the lights on and went down to the fridge i drunk some orange juice and watched cartoons until the shaped danced in my dreams.


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