little lies

sasha/viola is made to look like something shes not ,shes made to be something shes not by her manager so she can be famous but when she is made to do a song with one direction everything changes .which one of the boys sees her for her and which one sparks a romance .will there be love within the band or will one girl break them all apart?


9. music video

sashas p.o.v

I sat in my make up trailer people proded at my face ploping make up on me .Someone shoved a pile of clothes at me, i got dressesd in a daze"sasha hurry up ,its time to start" i walked out and got shoved into a scene set up like a school  "ok so you are the bully,you bully theresa"a dark skined woman looked up at her name "she will then go into the bathroom ,cry and start to cut herself then the boys come in and take her away then theyll have fun ,make her smile,blah blah blah" the directer told me i was pushed into a hallway and suddenly the scene started theresa walked past me hunched over insecurely i looked at everyone on set and they gave me a nod my manager was grinning "hey theresa" she turned around trying to look hopefull ok so im the popular  girl that everyone wants to be acknowledged by .I read my lines off of the big que cards that stood infront of me "your fat ugly uselass piece of crap " i said my last line it pierced like a dagger tears slipped down her face and she ran off of the set . The set changed and a new scene started. Theresa was in the bathroom tears falling off her face as she cut her arms .My brain involuntary flashed back to that night my heart shriveled and a tear slipped down my cheek she kept cutting,i kept seing her on the floor "cut,take a twenty minite break everyone" the director yelled i ran off i couldnt handle it anymore i collapsed under a tree and cryed,i hate myself, i hate my brain for always flashing back to that night.

one directions p.o.v

Harry and Louis saw her running away ,tears pooling down her face ,they had seon then the whole scene and her crying while watching .Louis started after her but niall yelled after him all the boys were going for some food "harry you coming?" niall asked "na its ok im not hungry "he said .Zayn chuckled "yeah knowone is were just going for a walk" "no! im starving we are definately stopping off for food" niall said just then a really pretty blonde crew member walked on past "na you guys go i gotta go chase that!" harry said the boys laughed and walked past .Harry always had to keep his womanizing ways present afterall thats what every one thought he was like.

harrys p.o.v

I ran after her,not the blonde girl ,i went in the direction that sasha dissapeared in .I dont know why i just had to ,maybe i had to go see why louis was nice to her ,maybe?. I had been running for a couple minutes and i was pretty close to the forest, i was about to give up and go back but just then i heard quiet whimpers coming from under a tree "hey" i whispered "go away!" she yelled weakly i went and sat next to her.She turned and looked at me straight in the face ,her makeup was running and her face was stained with black and tears.Her snarl was replaced with a depressed frown she looked innocent,different from when she puts up her mean front ,i see that now ,i see that her mean ness is just a front.She looked away."are you ok?" i asked and regreted it as soon as it was out ,of course she wasnt. She chuckled "what?" i asked "you,why are you being so nice,im a complete bitch to you ,why are you being nice to me ? i dont deserve it" she whisprered the last bit she started crying more.I wrapped my arms around her, she froze then collapsed into my arms crying hard."because your hurting and i want to help" i whispered in her ear "your too nice" she whispered "i know " i joked cockily she giggled "so do you want to get out whats wrong so i can make that beautiful smile come back" she looked down at her hands,she sighed "did you see the scene?" she asked i nodded she looked up at me "it was my sister,she..."  she sighed "she was bullied ,then commited suicide when she was 15 i found her on the floor one night she had overdosed  ,then i got depressed cause  they bullied  me about her so i..." she looked down at her arms and lifted up her sleeves i gasped in shock she stumbled to pull her sleeves down in a hurry "no,no" i said i put my hand on hers i pulled her in my arms and she sunk her head into my chest i heard her mumbling it sounded like she said "im sorry , so sorry."

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