little lies

sasha/viola is made to look like something shes not ,shes made to be something shes not by her manager so she can be famous but when she is made to do a song with one direction everything changes .which one of the boys sees her for her and which one sparks a romance .will there be love within the band or will one girl break them all apart?


2. another day

i was sleeping ,in my house . my house is the only place i can really be me i can wear whatever i want ,say whatever i want and be whoever i want.too bad no one is actually around to see it ,the only people who know im not actually a horrible person like that is my managers but they dont care they just want the popularity and money,my parents knew but they died in a aeroplane crash ,just before i was found ,they were on thier way to see me .i wealked down stairs sleepily grabbed an orange juice and plopped on the couch ,i flicked on the tv and i was there my face covered with dark makeup i was promoting some makeup that had the word death in it i changed the channel and watched cartoons for a while ,i laughed at the simplistic colours and shapes dancing on the screen.the doorbell rung and i dawdled to the door ,not really wanting to deal with anyone that was behind that door ,the only peoplet that came to my house was my managers and it was never good if i saw them face to face. i opened the door with a sigh "goodmornig sasha" he said without looking up from his phone "my name isnt sasha"  i said knowing he would ignore me he sat on my couch his perfectly ironed suit mathched his black slicked back hair.he had dark black eyes that never lit up  ,if i knew he wasnt a complete asshole then maybe he would be hot. "so what do you want" i asked still not looking upp from his phone he said "well i have a proposal for you" that is code word for i have something that you have to do and they are never good "have you heard of one direction?" he asked "dah who hasnt?" i said "well simon wants you to do a song with them we have writen it and recording is tommorrow the music video is the next day ,i will pick you up at 8:30 int he morning you will be ready.and you will be sasha the whole day .do you understand?" he stood up from the couch handed me some sheet music without once glancingf at me as he opened the door he turned looked me straight in the face and said "practice ,or else" ohh or else i havent heard that before i thought sarcastically . he left and i slammed the door behind him . i dawdled into my in home studio and started practicing.

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