little lies

sasha/viola is made to look like something shes not ,shes made to be something shes not by her manager so she can be famous but when she is made to do a song with one direction everything changes .which one of the boys sees her for her and which one sparks a romance .will there be love within the band or will one girl break them all apart?


1. how it all happened

i sat in the chair the stage lights beaming down on me ellen sat across from me making her jokes i laughed along with the crowd,not really listening to what she was saying "so after you were found by simon singing in a cafe everything changed" she said looking at me "yeah i was stuck in little old new zealand and i had always wanted to travel and my secret dream was to sing ,so once i got over here i was stuck cause i had no money at all so i got a little job singing in a cafe you know only part time stuff then one day simon cowel was there and i was dropped into t he world of being a celebrity ," i filled in the details "so going from being a little county girl to a big english pop sensation it must be a bug change "she persisted "yeah its quite different " i exaggerated the last word the stage manager held up the laugh sign and the whole audience giggled."so what do you like to do in your spare time?" i pulled at my leather pants i recyted what they have made me memorize what they have made me say for the past 3 months to keep up my bad rocker profile "you know a bit of this ,bit of that i mainly work rock on my guitar,and everyone knows i like to party" i joked, again the audience giggled. "well to finish off weve had a fan question we think is very interesting " she smiled cheekily at the crowd "the question is... which celebrity male would you date?"  wow i havent been asked that one before i thought sarcastically "well if i told you that id probably scare them away" i joked that was the rule never actually answer just brush the questions off with a joke the first rule they told me : act like you dont care about anything second rule they told me:you can be whoever you want to be in private but in public you are a hardcore punk rocker that doesent give a shit about anything other than partying "well.." ellen wraped up the show "thats all we have time for tonightplease give it up for sasha " i slumped in my chair and shruged they clapped yeah i thought if only you knew my real name the camera man yelled cut and the audience started pouring out the doors ellen started sayin thankyou but i said whatever and walked away i felt so guilty ive always been polite to people but now i cant ,im not allowed to be nice or kind ,im not allowed to be me.

my manager pulled me to the side backstage saying "good job" and meaningless stuff like that i ran straight for the limo and broke down as soon as i was alone in the backseat i cryed untill my eyes were puffy and i couldnt breathe.i canrt do this anymore i cant be fake i cant be this horrible person.

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