Ariel and melody return to the sea

Ariel leaves Eric after finding out that he's cheating on her with Anastasia, so she goes to the ocean and has her dad change her back into a mermaid along with Melody.


16. Secrets

Triton was privatly talking with Urchin

"Yes your majesty, I have always loved Ariel. I will love Melody like she is my own daughter as well" the young merman said.

"Where do you want us to meet you guys at?" the king asked.

"The ship graveyard, Flounder and Sebastian will know which one"

"Ariel has no idea that your planning this, does she?"

"No your majesty"

Triton's messenger sea horse appeared then

"Gabriella and Ollie are done with the project, sir" he reported.

"Thank you" to Urchin, "Ariel is coming to my chambers, do you want to be here and make her think something's going on?"

"No your majesty" he said swimming out of the palace.

A few seconds later, a knock came from the door and Ariel came into view.

"Yes daddy?" she asked.

Triton knew he had to act like he didn't know about her and Urchin

"Ariel? can I speak with you for a moment?" Triton asked.

"Of course daddy, is everything okay?" She asked swimming over to her father.

"Yes, but something has been different about you these past few days"

"Really? Daddy I've been dating-" she was cut off by her father.

"Ah yes, that's why you've been acting different. I'm so happy for you and -" he got cut off by Ariel.

"Urchin. Eric" they both said at the same time.


"Daddy, I told you me and Eric are over"

The two were in awkward silence, until Sebastian swam in to inform Ariel that Urchin was there. Ariel immediatly swam off to greet him, while Triton looked on.

"Your majesty, is everything set?" the crab asked once Ariel was out of earshot.

"Yes, Sebastian" he replied smiling.

"Everything is going to go great, your majesty"

"Let's hope so"
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