Ariel and melody return to the sea

Ariel leaves Eric after finding out that he's cheating on her with Anastasia, so she goes to the ocean and has her dad change her back into a mermaid along with Melody.


12. Melody upset

Ariel finds Melody crying in a cave and comforts her by singing the song her mother used to sing to her and her sisters

Oh, the waves roll low
And the waves roll high
And so it goes Under the bright blue Endless Sky
Waves try to measure The days that we treasure
Wave hello
And wave goodbye

"Mom? Why did he call us creatures?" Melody asked drying her tears.

"I don't know, I guess I didn't know him well enough" Ariel said.

Tip and Dash saw them and swam over to say hi.

"Hi, Mel, are you okay?" Dash asked noticing the sad look on her face.

"I went to meet my father, and it didn't go well. He called us creatures" Melody said looking at her tail.

"I'm sorry Melody, your not a creature, your a lovely young mermaid" Tip told her trying to cheer her up.

"I guess, mom, can we go home?" She asked.

"Of course" Ariel told her leading her home.

Urchin and Gabriella saw them pass by, but neither of the upset looking mermaids said hello.

"I wonder what's wrong with Ariel?" Urchin asked out loud.

"Still have a crush on a certain red headed mermaid princess, I see" Gabriella signed.

"I never had a crush on Ariel" he said blushing.

"Just admit it already" Ollie translated, "Or go admit it to her at least"

"Maybe I will" Urchin said swimming off, "See you later"

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