Ariel and melody return to the sea

Ariel leaves Eric after finding out that he's cheating on her with Anastasia, so she goes to the ocean and has her dad change her back into a mermaid along with Melody.


7. Eric and Anastasia are preparing for their wedding

Anastasia was in the bride's room getting ready to become Eric's wife, while Eric was getting ready in his room.

"Ah, miss Romanov, you look lovely" Carlotta said admiring the long white studded wedding gown.

"Thank you Carlotta, I'm so nervous" Anastasia said looking in the mirror.

"Your welcome dear" Carlotta said putting the finishing touches on her dress.

In Eric's room Grimsby and Eric are getting ready as well.

"Eric, are you sure that you want to do this? Grimsby asked.

"Yeah, I am. Ariel was a mistake, I thought it was true love, but it wasn't, with Anya I know its true love" Eric said confidently.

The two men finished getting ready and left the room and went to the ballroom that the wedding was going to take place in and stood on the preacher's left,
Grimsby stood next to him.

The wedding march started and everyone looked towards the entrance way, anxiously awaiting the bride. Anya started walking down the isle with her uncle Vlad and soon was standing next to Eric.

"Anastasia, do you take Eric to be your laweful wedded husband, to take care of him in sickness and in health?" The preacher asked.

"I do" she said smiling.

"And, do you Eric-" he started to say before getting cut off.

"I do" Eric said.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride" the preacher said closing his book.

Eric wasted no time with kissing his new wife and she gladly accepted the kiss.

After the wedding, she threw her boquet out to the single women and Giselle caught them.

Eric and Anastasia were set to go to Paris for their honeymoon.
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