Ariel and melody return to the sea

Ariel leaves Eric after finding out that he's cheating on her with Anastasia, so she goes to the ocean and has her dad change her back into a mermaid along with Melody.


3. Arriving back to Atlantica

"Ariel" It was one word from Attina's lips as she saw her baby sister and her niece at the entrance of the great hall.

Attina looked her baby sister up and down for a few seconds, her mind reeling. Ariel looked upset. Finally she swam up to her and hugged her tightly. "I've missed you so much. We all have"

"I've missed you all too... where are the others?" Ariel asked looking around.

"Adrina is probably argueing with Aquata about something. Arista is most likely with her boyfriend and Alana and Adella they're probably doing their hair or something" Attina said.

"ARIEL!" Arista sobbed, swimming towards her youngest sister in tears and hugging her as tightly

"Arista. What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Ariel asked hugging the second youngest just as tightly.

"I've missed you so much!" Arista said. "That's why I'm crying"

Before Ariel could respond, she heard more shrieks of happiness coming from behind her.

Adrina had tears running down her face as her hand moved through her sister's bright red hair, so happy that she was seeing this head of hair and the person attached to it after she became human. Aquata's shoulders shook with the effort to hold back her sobs of pure joy that her sister was back. Adella had her mouth open to speak, but no words came out as she was too happy to speak. Alana's eyes were filled with tears that threatened to spill from her eyes as her hand rested on Ariel's other shoulder, too joyous for words.

Each girl was thinking the same thing: "How long is she visiting?" As if reading their minds, Ariel gave them quite a shock.

"I'm home for good" she said facing her sisters.

"You are?" Arista said overjoyed.

"What happened with Eric?" Attina asked raising an eyebrow.

"Melody is so precious" Adella said peeking at the sleeping bundle in her sisters arms.

"Yes. Eric and I didn't work out so well" Ariel said yawning.

"You need rest" Adrina spoke up.

"Lots of it too" Aquata chimed in.

"If Melody wakes up. One of us will tend to her" Adella said.

Ariel headed to her room that she once shared with her sisters and swam to her old bed exsausted she collapsed on her bed and fell asleep
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