Ariel and melody return to the sea

Ariel leaves Eric after finding out that he's cheating on her with Anastasia, so she goes to the ocean and has her dad change her back into a mermaid along with Melody.


2. Ariel returns to her home

Sebastian swam as fast as he could to Atlantica, to get King Triton.

"There you are your majesty" he said breathless when he saw Triton talking to Dudly the old sea turtle.

"Sebastian? what's your hurry?" the king asked.

"It's Ariel, she wanted me to get you. She said its important" he repeated what Ariel said.

Triton worried that his youngest was in danger, swam with Sebastian up to the surface.

"My daughter, what's wrong?" King Triton asked his youngest daughter once he emerged.

"Daddy, you were right about him! I want you to change me and Melody back into mermaids" Ariel sobbed.

King Triton lifted his glowing trident and pointed it at his daughter and granddaughter who were surrounded by a glowing yellow light and soon after Ariel's green tail with her purple sea shell bra returned along with Melody now bearing a peach colored tail with a pink sea shell bra. Ariel dived in the water holding Melody carefully as they swam back to Atlantica. As they were swimming, Ariel was silently sobbing while Triton looked on worridly at his youngest.

"Ariel? What happened?" He finally asked.

"Eric, he was cheating on me" Ariel cried. "Daddy, I'm so sorry for abandoning you and the others"

"Its all right, your sisters will be thrilled to see you again" he said.

"I'll be happy to see them again too. I've missed you guys so much" she said.

"Ariel? Is that you?" A familiar voice asked.

"FLOUNDER!" Ariel exclaimed happily as she turned around.

"Yep. Who's that?" Flounder asked looking at a sleeping Melody.

"Melody. My daughter" she said.

"She's cute. Where's Eric?" He asked.

Ariel burst out in tears at the mention of his name

"He cheated on me and fell in love with someone else" Ariel said through her tears.

"Let's get you home. Bye Flounder" Triton said before leading Ariel away.

"Bye sir. Bye Ariel!" Flounder yelled before swimming off in the opposite direction

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