Ariel and melody return to the sea

Ariel leaves Eric after finding out that he's cheating on her with Anastasia, so she goes to the ocean and has her dad change her back into a mermaid along with Melody.


9. Ariel meets her old friends again

While the kingdom was searching for the young mermaid; Melody, Tip, and Dash were exploring the ocean.

"Mel, come check out this cave" Dash said sticking his head out of a large cave.

"Yeah, it could be like our secret hide away" Tip suggested, his voice echoing.

Melody giggled at her two best friends, before spotting an octopus swimming with a latina mermaid who was talking with her hands.Gabriella spotted her and signed something to Ollie her friend and translator.

"What's your name young one?" Ollie asked after reading what Gabriella signed.

"Uh, Melody" she spoke up looking at the lovely latina.

"Where are your parents?" Ollie signed.

"My mom's at the palace" Melody said.

Before Gabriella could sign anything back, a sandy brown hair guy swam up to them.

"Hi Gabriella, Ollie. Guess what I heard" the guy said.

"Hi, Urchin what's the news?" Ollie translated.

"Flounder told me that Ariel has been back for awhile now" he said.

"Whoa, Gabriella, slow down I can't understand" Ollie said frustrated.

Gabriella slowed down her signing so Ollie could repeat what she just said.

"What does he mean by Ariel's been back for awhile? How could he know that and not us? We are her friends also" he translated.

"He said that he wasn't even supposed to know just yet" Urchin said.

"Are you guys friends with my mom?" Melody asked just then.

Urchin, Ollie, and Gabriella just gaped at her.

Then they all heard a familiar voice in the distance.

"Uh oh, I'm in big trouble" Melody said her voice barely a whisper.

"Melody! Where are you?" Ariel shouted.

"I can't believe she's back" Gabriella signed while Ollie translated.

"Me either" Urchin said.

Ariel was shocked when she saw her old friends again, smiling she swam up to them.

"I'm happy to have my friend back" Ollie translated for Gabriella.

"I'm happy to be home" Ariel said hugging her old friend.

"Ariel? Are you really back?" Urchin asked looking at his old time crush.

"Mom? Who are these people and why did he ask if you were back?" Melody asked swimming from behind the group.

"Melody, these are my friends, Urchin and Gabriella, Ollie is her translator.

"She's your daughter?" Urchin asked stunned.

"Uh huh, I'll catch you guys later. I have to take Melody home" she said before swimming away with Melody in tow.
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