Ariel and melody return to the sea

Ariel leaves Eric after finding out that he's cheating on her with Anastasia, so she goes to the ocean and has her dad change her back into a mermaid along with Melody.


4. 4 years later

"Mom! Wake up!" Melody said excitedly.

"Mmm? Melody? What's wrong?" Ariel asked sleepily.

"You promised me that on my birthday that you would show me your secret hiding place" Melody said.

Ariel laughed before replying "Okay, we'll go after breakfast"

"Yay!" Melody said happily.

King Triton swam in at that moment. "Good morning Ariel, Melody, breakfast is almost done" he said.

"We'll be down as soon as I brush Melody's hair" Ariel said.

"Alright" he said before swimming out of the room.

"Mom? Where's my father?" Melody asked suddenly.

"I don't know sweetheart" Ariel lied.

When they got done with her hair, she excused herself.

In the dining hall

"Where's Melody?" Attina asked.

"Bathroom. Daddy?" Ariel asked looking at her father.

"Yes, Ariel?" He asked.

"If Melody asks, don't tell her anything about Eric or the land" she said, "I don't want her to know any of it"

"We won't tell her a thing" Triton said.

Melody arrived in the dining hall.

After breakfast Ariel took Melody to her secret cove and let her explore what she used to collect.

"What is all this stuff?" Melody asked looking through a teloscope.

"Its what I found in old sunken ships" Ariel said sighing in relief as she remembered that the Eric statue got destroyed.

"Wow, can we go see a sunken ship?" Melody's voice brought her back from her thoughts. "

"Melody, we can't go visit sunken ships they're protected by sharks" Ariel said.

Just then a shadowy figure passed over head and Ariel knew what it was, but Melody being curious wanted to find out more about it; so she started to swim to the surface.

"Melody! Get back here!" Ariel shouted before swimming after her.

"Mom, what's wrong? I just want to see what that shadow was" Melody said.

"Melody, promise me that you won't swim up to the surface. Its too dangerous" Ariel said.

"How is it dangerous? When it has all the neat stuff from your cove" Melody asked.

"Humans are dangerous. They killed your grandma when I was very young" she said finally realizing that she was foolish enough to fall for a human.

"I promise mom" Melody said.
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