Am I Really The One?

Cher was born in Australia, but moved to London, England when she was little, so this was her home. One day when Cher and her friend Deja were shopping, they ran into the one and only Louis Tomlinson! Cher thought her adventure would end there but, the story never ends. Turns out he lives by Deja and Cher. But what happens when Cher fall for Louis and Louis falls for Cher? What happens when Harry falls for Cher too? Deja falls for Zayn, but Zayn has a girlfriend. What's going to happen next...? Read to find out!


12. You're A Nobody

Cher's POV

A few minutes later we got to the mall. I was just thinking of how many fans we were going to see, i was frightened by the thought. The moment we stepped out the car, i heard a scream a little shriek and "OH MY GOD IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" It scared the shit out of me. "Wow that was quick" i thought to myself. The girl who looked about 15 started running towards us, as fast as her legs could carry her. "Oh my God i love you guys so so so so much!" she started blabbering on about how much she loved them and shit. "Thanks" Niall said with a little chuckle to the excited fan. "Can i please get a picture with you guys?!" she asked with a little squeal in her voice from excitement. "Of course you can!" Liam said with his adorable caring voice. "Thank you thank you thank you!" the girl shrieked. After they took the picture she turned to me and started squealing like a fucking mouse and the only words i heard after the terrible sound was "YOU'RE LOUIS TOMLINSON'S GIRLFRIEND OH MY GOD, YOU'RE LOUIS' BABE, I NEED A PICTURE WITH YOU!" I actually thought i may go deaf, luckily i didn't. I gave a little smile but said "I don't do pictures with THEIR fans" i added a bit emphases on the "their". i didn't want to look like a dumb nobody trying to control their fame, i mean it's just wrong, i couldn't do that. I understand Danielle and Perrie are both fangirled over for a reason like Danielle dances, and Perrie sings, but i just work at Pizza Hut. Wow, i sound like a loser, just comparing myself to them. i snap back to reality from my thoughts when she asks "Why not?" i reply with "Well, i'm not going to be some nobody getting famous, because of who my boyfriend is". "Well, you're going to be famous one way or another even if you are a nobody, if you keep dating Louis, so just get over it, or break up with him, simple" she said with such a smart tone in her voice. i was ready to smack this bitch, but i could feel tears building up in my eyes, she was right, i am a nobody, i don't deserve Lou. I felt my body tense up a bit and i just turned around and started walking away from the problem. I didn't need to say anything nor did i have anything to say back. I heard Deja saying "She is not a nobody, she is a real person with feelings, that was totally uncalled for what you did their, if you really did like Louis, you'd respect his girlfriend too, good day to you" to the girl, i smiled a bit just thinking of how she always has my back. "That was most definitely uncalled for, you have no right to say that to my girlfriend, you're no fan" Louis said, then i heard a few footsteps jogging towards me. i turned around to see who it was, and of course it was Lou. "Are you okay babe?" he asked with such an innocent tone in his voice, it's not his fault, i felt bad that he had to be in this situation cause of me. "I'm sorry Louis, i didn't mean to have you yell at a fan, it's all my fault, i'm sorry" i kept repeating "sorry" to him, tears coming slowly down my face. "Shhhh" he said pulling me in for a hug, "it's not your fault at all, i chose you for a reason, it was cause i loved you, you're not a nobody. You're the most precious thing i own, and  i love you. please don't let what my fans say to you bring your self esteem down, you're beautiful, every little thing you do just puts a smile on my face, so please just ignore the hate and shit". "Alright Lou, only cause i love you though" i said looking up at him smiling. i slowly got on my tippy toes, and he leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the lips. My cheeks turned as red as blood, "Why am i so shy around him? I shouldn't be like this" i told myself.

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