Am I Really The One?

Cher was born in Australia, but moved to London, England when she was little, so this was her home. One day when Cher and her friend Deja were shopping, they ran into the one and only Louis Tomlinson! Cher thought her adventure would end there but, the story never ends. Turns out he lives by Deja and Cher. But what happens when Cher fall for Louis and Louis falls for Cher? What happens when Harry falls for Cher too? Deja falls for Zayn, but Zayn has a girlfriend. What's going to happen next...? Read to find out!


10. Time To Get Up!

Cher's POV

"Rise and shine princess!" I heard as i woke up to Deja's lovely little voice. I just let out a loud groan, and covered my head with my pillow. "Get up! Get up! Get up! Don't you want to see your babe?" she asked in a slight curious tone. "Who's my babe?" i mumbled through my pillow. "Umm...well Louis?" she said in a confused tone. "OH SHIT! I Forgot that we were supposed to go out shopping together today!" i shouted as i got up from my bead and ran in the bathroom to get ready.Shopping was kind of our thing, we all had fun doing it, and then hanging out and eating afterwards, just some simple things. He and the boys were supposed to pick me and Deja up at 12:30pm, and it was like 11:30am, i know that's plenty of time, but for a girl like me, it takes so long to get ready. I decided to brush my teeth first, washed my face, and ran out the bathroom too find an outfit. "Deja! Come help me find an outfit!" i yelled out my room. I heard a flew clicks of heels and Deja walked in. "Cher, you're really good at putting outfits together why do you need my help?" she complained. "Well i just do!" i said as i scanned her outfit. She was wearing light blue skinny jeans, a blue and white striped blazer, a black shirt underneath, and white sandals on her feet. Damn, this girl can pull off anything, and her curly hair bouncing on her shoulders she looked gorgeous. "I think you should wear this sweater" she said as she pulled out an aztec print sweater. "These boots..." she handed me my black combat boots. "This black shirt, and these skinny jeans" she said as she threw them to me and walked out the door shouting "Your welcome!". "Thank you!" i yelled back. i threw the clothes on my bed and ran back to the bathroom to do my hair. After trying many different hair styles, i decided to put it up in a messy bun. I ran back out and put my clothes on and did some light make up, just the usual, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipgloss. i mean i wasn't going anywhere so nice that i needed anything else, only shopping.

Louis' POV

"SHUT UP!" i yelled at my ringing phone with my face buried in the pillow. "Get up Lou! Don't you wanna see your babe?" Harry yelled at me on the outside of my door knocking as loud as possible. Oh my God, i totally forgot i was supposed to go shopping with Cher and Deja today. She's probably already waiting for me for hours, i hate myself. i got up as fast as possible and ran into the bathroom took a quick shower. i pulled out some navy blue skinnies, white converse, and a nice white shirt with red stripes. i combed my hair, grabbed some money and ran out my room to the boys in the living room. "You ready?" Liam asked kindly. "Yes! Lets get out of here!" i said as we all got up to walk out the door.

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