Am I Really The One?

Cher was born in Australia, but moved to London, England when she was little, so this was her home. One day when Cher and her friend Deja were shopping, they ran into the one and only Louis Tomlinson! Cher thought her adventure would end there but, the story never ends. Turns out he lives by Deja and Cher. But what happens when Cher fall for Louis and Louis falls for Cher? What happens when Harry falls for Cher too? Deja falls for Zayn, but Zayn has a girlfriend. What's going to happen next...? Read to find out!


8. *This is just a message*

Hello everyone! Well, um i'm glad that most of the people who are actually reading this like my story, but i'm actually having writer's block, and i think it'd be nice to hear some of your ideas on how i can continue this story! So if you have any suggestions please make a comment! :) and i'll see what i can do! xx -Thanks.

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