Am I Really The One?

Cher was born in Australia, but moved to London, England when she was little, so this was her home. One day when Cher and her friend Deja were shopping, they ran into the one and only Louis Tomlinson! Cher thought her adventure would end there but, the story never ends. Turns out he lives by Deja and Cher. But what happens when Cher fall for Louis and Louis falls for Cher? What happens when Harry falls for Cher too? Deja falls for Zayn, but Zayn has a girlfriend. What's going to happen next...? Read to find out!


5. The Concert & A Surprise

Louis' POV

We (as in all the boys and i) got in the car, i had to drive. We driving over to pick up Cher and Deja for the concert. I am so excited, i think i'm going to tell her today.

Cher's POV

The boys were right on time, just like they said they'd be. I grabbed my wallet, and phone as me and Deja walked out the door. She was staring helplessly at Zayn again. Ugh, why did he have to have a girlfriend, Deja and Zayn would make a super cute couple. But she would look cute with Liam too. Hmm..oh well, we can sort this out later! I thought to myself. The boys were here in a van. Louis was in the driver's seat, and Niall was right next to him. Harry, Zayn, and Liam were in the back. I scooted over inbetween Harry and Liam. I wanted Deja to sit by Zayn. "You look beautiful Cher" Harry whispers to me, but loud enough for everyone to hear. I saw Louis look through the mirror at us, i don't know if it was me, but he seemed pretty pissed off at Harry's comment. "Thanks Harry" I said back cheerfully.

Harry's POV

Cher is so damn beautiful, and sweet. But i can't fall for her, Louis likes her. I put my hand on her thigh, and start rubbing it, i could see her cute little cheeks blush. "Oh my God, no Harry" i say to myself giving her a smile, and taking my hand away.

Zayn's POV

Deja's pretty cute, but i have a girlfriend. But i mean she is a fan, so it doesn't count if i like sit by her or hug her, or maybe even give her a peck on the cheek. Does it count? I don't think it does at all. I smile to myself.

Cher's POV

"Does Louis like me? I hope he does. Oh my God, that would be the best thing ever in the whole entire world. Wait, he has a girlfriend. I'm fucked, oh well, i knew i wasn't that good enough for him." i think to myself the entire way to the concert. We finally arrive at the arena, i was so excited! I mean, i've been to a concert before, but stepping out of the car with One Direction, yeah that's a whole 'nother story right there. The boys show us our seats when we get inside. They got us VIP seats, right up front, i was so happy! Louis took me over to the seat and said, "This one's yours love" and winked at me. I managed to say "Th-hanks" i was so overwhelmed, and there was goosebumps all over my body, i could feel my cheeks blushing. The audience started to fill up. there was like 3 girls behind me and Deja a little younger than us, but they had quite an attitude. Deja can take anyone's attitude, but i can't unlike her, i'm a bit more on the angry side, although i never do hold grudges. The lights dim down, and the boys come out on stage, the girls behind me were screaming like crazy! I wanted to turn around, and cuss their little asses out, but i knew that would be a terrible thing to do, so i let it go. When the song "Up All Night" was over, they were going to sing "I Want". But first the boys had a conversation on stage for the audience, conversation:

Liam: Louis, do you think we should bring up two girls up here that we want?

Louis: I think we should!

Harry: Who's gonna choose?

Zayn: Can i choose one?

Louis: Alright! Me and Zayn. Ok?

conversation over. Louis smiles at the crowd, and says "Any girl named Cher out there?!", he looks down and smiles at me. "Get up here Cher!" he yells to me with joy in his voice. Oh my God, he called me up! I kept smiling like an idiot at him. "Well, is there any girl out there named Deja?!" Zayn says smiling and looking down at Deja.

Deja's POV

I am having the best moment of my life! What if he does like me? Ugh, Perrie's kind of in the way. Damn...

Cher's POV

Louis leans over and kisses my cheek, i just blush, as usual. The song "I Want" starts playing. Everytime they sing "I want, i want, i want, to be loved by youuu" Louis points to me. After the song is over Louis says "I have a huge confession to make!" "What's his confession?" i think to yourself. "I have a big crush on Cher James!" he blurts out. You can feel the electric going through your body. He turns to you and says "Will you be my girlfriend?" with a huge grin on his face. "

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