Am I Really The One?

Cher was born in Australia, but moved to London, England when she was little, so this was her home. One day when Cher and her friend Deja were shopping, they ran into the one and only Louis Tomlinson! Cher thought her adventure would end there but, the story never ends. Turns out he lives by Deja and Cher. But what happens when Cher fall for Louis and Louis falls for Cher? What happens when Harry falls for Cher too? Deja falls for Zayn, but Zayn has a girlfriend. What's going to happen next...? Read to find out!


6. "Are you okay?"

Cher's POV

"This is a joke" i say to Louis. "No, Cher, it's really not! I like you a lot, why do you think me and Eleanor broke up?" He says. "You and Eleanor broke up?!" i ask. "Yeah, cause....well....i really like you Cher, i need to be with you!" He exclaims. "This is really happening" i thought to myself. "Yes, Louis, YES!" i scream as i jump on him with my legs wrapped around his waist. i kiss him very passionately, and he smiles during the kiss, when i pull away, i give him the biggest hug, as i get down off of him. All of a sudden i realize that i just did that infront of like thousands of people. i start to blush, and the people in the crowd just stare at me guys like "What the fuck just happened?" "Sorry for all that guys! I just needed to tell her!" Louis said to the audience, as they all exit the stage they say their usual "I love you guys!" and shit. He held my hand and walked off stage waving to the crowd. I smiled like a fool through the whole concert. But i mean, Louis Tomlinson just asked me out on stage in front of at least 10,000 people. I had to be smiling like that, right?

Louis' POV

This was amazing, but i honestly am wondering a lot about the news tomorrow. I don't want anyone hating on Cher, but i had to ask her out in a special way. I'm such an asshole, why did it have to be special? I was trembling through the whole question, i hope she didn't notice.

Cher's POV

When we got backstage Louis pulled out a small little box. "I got something for you" said Louis as he opened up the box. Inside there was a beautiful charm necklace, it was gold, and there was two little hearts on the end, one said "Louis' Love" and the other one said "Cher". "It's beautiful!" i said jumping up and down giggling. "I'm glad you like it love" Louis said as he put the necklace around my neck. "Thank you" i said hugging him. I pulled away and i looked into his eyes, oh my God i got lost. Right when i was leaning into Louis to give him a kiss, all the boys except Harry popped up out of nowhere "CONGRADULATIONS MATE!" They all yelled. "Where's Harry?" I asked looking a bit worried. "I don't know, he went back to the dressing room i think" Liam said. I got a bit worried, "Hey babe, i'm going to go check on Harry, ok?" i told Louis. "Alright love" he replied.

Harry's POV

I can't believe Louis just did that! I mean, he doesn't know my feelings for Cher, but...It's really not his fault. I'm overreacting.I heard a knock on the door, "Can i come in Harry?" it was Cher. "Uhh, yeah sure" i said. I wasn't dressed though, i had my boxers on. "I wasn't expecting company" i told Cher. "It's okay, i've seen a lot of guys in their boxers, that just made me sound like a hoe, but you know what nevermind...." she said. i giggled a bit, i thought what she did there was pretty cute. "Are you okay?" she asked me. "Yeah, i'm fine..." i replied, lying. Inside my heart was broken into millions of pieces. "Oh, well i just i don't know got a bit worried when i didn't see you" she said quietly.

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