The lakehouse

Sixteen year old Brianna Myers and her twelve year old sister Bailee Myers go with their aunt Diane to a family lake for a week or two.Brianna was hoping to get some alone time from her house in the city,but she didn't quite get the alone time she was hoping for.


3. What happened?

  "Bri..Briii wake up!" Bailee shook my shoulder and tried to wake me up for a good five minutes.Finally I opened my eyes and rolled out of bed,knowing she wouldn't give up for awhile."Auntie is at the store.She left a note on the counter." she told me.I nodded my head and went into the bathroom,closing the door.I sighed and looked into the mirror,seeing my hair all messed up and crazy.I grabbed the brush from the ledge under the medicine cabinet and brushed through the tangles.I gave my teeth a good scrub and rinse and opened the door.I walked into the kitchen."Bailee I'm going to go swimming in the lake,do you want to come?Bailee nodded and raced into her room to change.So did I.

  I met Bailee at the shore in five minutes.We were both in our swim suits."Last one to the water loses!" I exclaimed and started running.I obviously beat Bailee and started cheering.I was doing a little dance when I noticed I never heard her splash in behind me.I turned around and didn't see her."Bailee?" I called out for her.I looked over to the edge of the trees and waded out of the water.

  I walked over to the trees and parted some plants.I saw a dirt trail and walked onto it."Bailee where are you?This isn't funny anymore!".I saw a glimpse of blonde hair and started running.I figured it was her since she was a blondie.I continued to run.


  I kept on running after this girl.She told me to follow her so I did.She looked hurt.Suddenly my foot got caught on a tree root and I felt myself falling into the dirt.

  I don't know how long I was out but I looked up and saw I was on the shore again in my sisters arms."Bri what happened?" I asked her,thinking she would know."I said last one to the water loses.I didn't hear you ever come in the water so I turned around and you were gone.Then I found you in the woods." Bri told me.


  Bailee looked at me,her lip was busted and her hands were dirty.She told me she didn't remember anything.

(Guys I got to go to a family thing,I'll update this later!)


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