The lakehouse

Sixteen year old Brianna Myers and her twelve year old sister Bailee Myers go with their aunt Diane to a family lake for a week or two.Brianna was hoping to get some alone time from her house in the city,but she didn't quite get the alone time she was hoping for.


1. Leaving day.

  I zipped up my last suitcase and dragged it downstairs.I was more than looking forward to going with my aunt to the lake house.Finally a chance to get out of the city and relax.I pulled the suitcase behind me by the handle through the kitchen and out the front door.My aunt was helping my little sister into the car while my mom packed our stuff into the trunk.

  "Here mom,last bag." I said and put it in for her.Everything was packed tightly together,leaving enough room to close the door.I gave her a quick hug and kiss on the cheek before climbing into the passenger seat of the car.I clicked my seatbelt into place and rolled down my window.My mom walked up next to me and smiled."Have fun and please be careful,especially in the lake." "I will." I said blantly,getting a bit annoyed with how much she's told me to be careful.My mom isn't too fond of water.Unless it's a swimming pool.

  My aunt opened the car door and climbed in.Her and my mom already said their goodbyes so she closed the door and put on her seatbelt.Before I knew it we were on the road.

  Bailee was in the back seat listening to music on her iPod.I could hear Taylor Swift singing through her earbuds.I swear she'll be deaf by the time she's 18.I put my elbow on the ledge of the door and cupped my chin in my hand.Car rides always made me tired,and the lake house was a few hours away so I figured I would take a nap.Slowly my eyelids fluttered closed with the last thing me seeing was the street and some cars.

  Bailee was calling my name to wake me up.I opened my eyes and saw the water and the little lake house.I excitedly got out of the car,as well as my sister and aunt.

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