The lakehouse

Sixteen year old Brianna Myers and her twelve year old sister Bailee Myers go with their aunt Diane to a family lake for a week or two.Brianna was hoping to get some alone time from her house in the city,but she didn't quite get the alone time she was hoping for.


2. Footsteps at night.

  After around an hour we had all our bags inside and had picked who would be in which room.I opened up my suitcase to take out and hang up my clothes before they got too wrinkly.I would probably have to end up ironing them.

  All my clothes were folded up and put in drawers and some hung up in the wardrobe.I zipped up the now empty suitcase and slid it under the bed out of sight.It was about 5:45 when everybody was done unpacking and we decided to eat some dinner.

  "Girls!" my aunt called out from the kitchen.I opened the door to the room I was staying in and walked down the hall,to the kitchen.My aunt was standing behind the counter with her car keys sitting next to her.Bailee followed in behind me."Since we don't have any food here yet we're going to go out tonight and eat.And in the morning I'll run to the store.Is that okay?" Bailee and I nodded and smiled."Do you want us to just go out to the car now?" I ask her.My aunt nods "I'll be out in a minute.".

  I pulled the pink hair tie out of my wavy brunette hair and let it messily fall over my shoulders.I snapped the elastic around my wrist and slid my feet into my white flip flops,which stood out against my tan skin.Bailee was already out the door and probably in the car.I opened the front door and walked down the wooden stairs to my aunt's van parked in the drive made of color assorted pebbles.I pulled the passenger door handle but the door wouldn't budge.I told Bailee to unlock the car since the window was open.She reached up from the back seat and lifted up the lock.I tried the door again but it wouldn't open."I guess I'm sitting with you." I mumbled and opened the back door instead,climbing in and sitting on the leather seat.

  I saw my aunt pulling the front door closed and making her way to the car.She pulled open the driver door and hopped into the car."You girls ready?How does the Burger Barge sound?" "Sounds good." I replied.I remember going to the Burger Barge once when I visited her as a little kid.It was a small surf themed resturaunt on the riverside down a small ways from the lake house. 

  In a matter of minutes we were at the Burger Barge and ate.After that we talked for a bit and came back to the lake house.Not much happened besides the fact Bailee spilt her drink on the waiter,not to mention he was incredibly cute.

  By the time we got back it was 7:00 and my aunt wanted to get to bed early so she could get to the store before we woke up.Bailee and I went into our own rooms.I wasn't sure what Bailee was going to do.I picked up my cell phone I had set on the nightstand earlier to see two new text messages.One from my mom and one from my friend Jessica.

  Mom: Hey hunny I hope you're having fun.You are probably busy so get back to me whenever!

  I didn't text her back because I knew if I did she would be asking non stop questions.So I figured I would text her in the morning saying I fell asleep.

  Jessica: Heey!Hows the lake house?I wish I couldve cameee!Text me doll face (-:

  I loved Jessica.She was hilarious.I texted her back saying the house is great and I wish she was here.I locked my phone screen and set it back down on the night stand,rolling over onto my side.I looked at the wall ahead of me and felt my eyes getting heavy.I fell asleep to the quiet sound of the waves on the sand outside and the frogs.

  Thump.Thump.I wiped the tiredness off of my eyes and focused my hearing.I could hear somebody walking outside my door."It's probably Diane or Bailee.." I said to myself under my breath as I went to close my eyes once more.Thump.Thump.Creeeek.I opened my eyes again to the sound of my door knob turning.I sat upright and stared at the white wooden door.The noise stopped."Aunt Diane?Bailee?" I called for both of them but got no answer.Fed up I laid back down and went back to sleep for good.

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