A note from Heaven

Catharine 19 and a single mother.... she loses her way after a death of someone important and goes into depression but who is that special someone that bring her back into the light and will Catherine follow him to her happy ending?


1. Run

A note from heaven                                                      ~Chapter 1-Run ~    


      "He hit me and I just ran a fast as I  could" I took in a shaky breath "I ran across the street not knowing that she was following me" I closed my eyes "an.dd.. I heard a horn an a small yelp" I let tears slide down my face "the car hit her and now she is paralyzed" I gushed out to my big brother putting my head in my hands. My body shook violently with sobs as my Aron,my brother, embraced me "it's okay she will be fine" he tried calming me down. "uh excuse me" I hear a man voice say. I sniffed looking at a doctor "I am afraid I have even more bad news" he looked at us with pity "it seems Ciel also has cancer" I let out a chocking breath putting my hands over my mouth in shock. "I don't think she will live for very long maybe 6 months roughly" I stood up letting more tears out and ran down the white hall running away from my life.

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