I love you too

I write about my life knowing one of the one direction boys and growing up with them and what we go through as best friends to enemies to boyfriend and girlfriend


2. When i first met you everything changed..........

     i walked in silence to my school until my phone began to ring.

'If i'm louder?Would you see me?Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?'

 "Hello?'i answered

 "hey Payne!"my cousin called out really loudly into my left ear.

"can i help you with something Kayla?"i said  sternly into the phone that once more rang

'If i'm louder?Would you see me?Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?

"hold on Kayla i got to take this its Luke."i said with a huge grin on my face 

"hey babe!'Luke said telling that he was smiling

"Luke i miss you so much why did you have to move to California?"i said almost down into tears

I felt my face get red and hot tears flew out of my eyes. I miss Luke so much it has been a year now since he has moved and it was almost my birthday.

"Luke i miss...."i said still in tears

"babe do me a huge favor and turn around'he said

"why do the hell do i.."i turned around and saw Luke with his arms wide open

I dropped all my stuff onto the grass and ran straight into his arms and cried onto his shoulder.

"I love you so much Luke please never leave me!"i said still crying on his shoulder

"who would have ever thought of leaving you?" Luke said


"I am not sure?"she said hugging me and wiping her tears away.

"so um violet i need to tell you something kinda big"i said quietly

"what is it Luke?Cause i need to tell you something too!"she said with a concerned look spread across her face.

"I AM MOVING BACK TO NEW YORK WITH YOU!"i said very loudly.

"oh...really....um....that's great!"she said not very excitedly.

"Whats the matter violet?"i asked grabbing her hand and stopping her from walking away.



*the school bell*


"oh uh...i will.....um...i...GOT TO GO!"she said running away towards the school



smooth violet real smooth!

then my phone went off

'If i'm louder?Would you see me?Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?


"hey sis when are ya gonna move back to England and stop living with Kayla?"

"next week Liam i will be there what place will we stay?" i asked still running until i heard steps behind me


"oh um yes i would like um a turkey sandwich with uh mayo and.."

"cut the joke we will be staying in Cheshire England with harry and the band"


yes my brother is Liam Payne from the boy band ONE DIRECTION



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