I love you too

I write about my life knowing one of the one direction boys and growing up with them and what we go through as best friends to enemies to boyfriend and girlfriend


3. the truth has to come sometime....

   I kept running until i felt a strong hand touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw Luke how could i tell him whats going on inside my head right now?How could i handle leaving my friends and ........Friends i cant leave them!They are like the family i never had.I couldnt leave before the school dance!What is happening in my life?!And why?I couldnt handle it so i just broke doen in tears, my face was hot like fire and i could tell that my face was cherry red.

"what is going on?!Violet you are hiding something!"luke said turning me around and putting his hands on my waist.

"um luke I am moving to England with my brother and his band."i mumbled of so hopefully he wouldnt hear what I was saying.

"YOU ARE WHAT?!?!"he said yelling and letting go of my waist.

i wiggled my way out of his reach grabbed my bags and ran for school i didnt look back and i shed severel tears and then i fell into a strong pair of arms catching me.

"hey sis!"liam said right next to the blonde boy that was holding me.

"hey li who in the world of living is this?!"i said pointing the blonde boy who was smirking

"i am Niall Horan"he said still smirking

"whipe that smirk off your face Horan!Oh my god your Niall Horan i knew you when i was 3!Remember ?whe would allways have playdates and li would get mad when i hung out with you more than him?!"i said trying to make him remember

"oh my PATATOE VIOLET?!"he said grabbing me by the waist and twirling me around

"Niall i missed you so much!and what the crap who in the holy world of all things are they?"i said stopping my laughter and pionting to three boys.

One had curly hair and big green eyes and dimples and a smile that could light up a room.

"hi I am Harry Styles."he said with his bueatiful eyes looking at me.

I turned my head and saw a black haired boy with deep dark chocolate eyes that were very very beautiful.

"hello love i am Zayn Malik"he said looking deep into my eyes which made me blush.

i looked next to Zayn and there wa a loud funny and attractive boy who had brown hair with brown ish hazel eyes.

"hi love i am Louis Thomlinson and i like girls who eat carrots."he stated in a very serouis tone of voice even though what he said was funny.

i looked at Niall and looked deep into his turqouise eyes.

"ok"liam said standing between us

"before we help her pack for London we need to set some rules nobody will touch date or go anywhere alone or near my sister!got that boys?"liam said

right when he said that i got close to Niall and grabbed his hands and locked our fingers and ran.I gave the guys a look thst mesnt dont you dare tell liam.

and that was the start of a new relationship.


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