I love you too

I write about my life knowing one of the one direction boys and growing up with them and what we go through as best friends to enemies to boyfriend and girlfriend


4. Liam stop overreacting.

   Me and Niall ran as fast as we could until we ran straight into Luke.

"hey babe what are you doing with that guy?we never broke up!"Luke said grabbing my waist and pulling me close.

"well sorry for not stating it but we are done"I said weaving my way out of his reach.

"don't be that way babe."Luke said stepping closer to me

"LIAM!"i screamed at the top of my lungs

within seconds the whole band was here i was still holding on to Nialls hand.

"Let go of her"harry said pushing him away from me.

Luke grabbed my hand and ran holding on so tight that my hand was numb.

I squeezed his hand so hard until his hand hurt. He grabbed his hand in pain and stopped running.

I Ran as fast as i could until i knew he couldn't catch up. I stopped running and looked at Liam yelling at Niall 

I walked up to the band and stood my Harry.

"hey beautiful,"harry said putting his lips by my ear

I blushed then looked at Liam

"Liam?!Stop trying to control my life on who i can and cannot date.Stop being so over protective!I am  16!(ok i said 14 in the first chapter but i messed up!)I made one mistake and suddenly you become so over protective?!thanks DAD!"i said in tears about to storm off when i stopped and looked at Liam who was speechless.

"it wasnt even your fault violet so stay out of this!"Liam said raising his voice

"uhh thanks dad but no if you had your eyes open rather that getting onto the boys with not date me,touch me,or get near me!I MEAN WHAT THE HELL!?"i said by then in tears i wiped my eyes and walked away.I am 16!and i dont think a 16 year old can be a dad!So Liam stop overreacting!


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