I love you too

I write about my life knowing one of the one direction boys and growing up with them and what we go through as best friends to enemies to boyfriend and girlfriend


5. cant i live MY life Liam?!

i walked away from the group and felt 4 soft gentle hands touch my shoulders and my hands. I turned around and saw Harry, Louis, Liam, And Niall.

"he was only trying to protect you violet he didnt want to be rude or intruding he was being a normal brother."Louis said  stepping in front of me stopping me from going and farther.

"and i hear your 16?"harry said in a sexy british accent and looking deep into my eyes.

"yea but didnt you hear my father doesnt want any of you to touch, date, or get close to me" I said putting air quotation marks by Father.

"so he would get mad if i did this?"Niall said stepping forward

"well i dont know"i said


I took a step closer towards violet. The boys saw liam coming towards us they made a pathway so liam could see.Zayn,Harry, And Louis took out their phones.

"what are you gonna do?"violet asked looing excited and nervous at the same time

"I am gonna do this."i said leaning in apearantly to far because i had to catch her from falling.

our faces were inches apart .

I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

I felt her smile.

We sadly pulled apart I saw Liam.

He looked sad, crushed

I picked her up.


I smiled and was picked up and set down again.I was sad because the kiss ended.i smiled then looked at liam he was crushed.

"Hey Niall um i have to go. Bye boys .........Bye dad"i walked home 

I saw niall following me.

"violet i am so......."i shut him up with a kiss

"dont be sorry"i said giving him another kiss and walking away.

"love you"Niall said

I turned my head and winked like in the movies.

his face turned tomato red.

'Liam is gonna kill you'i said in my mind

"he'll get over it"i said out loud  

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