Inspired by a chat with one of my dear friends about someone who thoroughly annoys her XD


1. Ungrateful

“But it’s just so hard, I don’t know if I can do it…I mean what if it’s not so plain sailing?”

My eyes roll at the incessant winging of the guy sitting next to me.

Not exactly a friend but we know each other professionally in the learning environment,

He knows next to nothing of my private life and problems but by hell do I know nearly everything about him.

From erectile dysfunction to what he can and can’t cook on his own.

Every bloody day he’s playing the `oh woe is me` routine and you know something?

His problems aren’t real problems!

This is a guy aged 34, still lives with his parents…correction- RICH parents…and he complains that nothing goes his way?

They pay for his bus fare, he eats their food, his mother does his laundry, he lives there free of rent and he has a wife and 3 kids all in perfectly good health. (Don’t ask why he lives with his parents)

And he says nothing goes his way?!

Fuck me, if my life was anything like his I wouldn’t complain about anything ever again!

If he knew anything of real problems he wouldn’t say half the shit he comes out with!

Using myself as an example- a gay man living in a country where same-sex marriage is illegal, I’m often discriminated in the workplace, hard childhood in which I committed self-harm on plenty of occasions because of my bastard paedophile uncle and I’m single because for some reason, everyone thinks because of my childhood I’m automatically suicidal…I mean what the fuck!?

Of course he doesn’t know all this; I bet if he did he wouldn’t be complaining about the process of buying a luxury yacht being smooth or other such nonsense.

He thinks the world sucks for him but it doesn’t! He has it so good and the git takes it all for granted…

I certainly not the worse-off person in this world but I’m easily worse off than he is!

If only we could switch places so we could sample each other’s lives…see how grateful he would be for the life he had once he lost it…

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