The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


12. The Xfactor

Sarah's POV


We Got To The Xfactor i Saw Hundreds of People "Theres No Way i Can Make it." I Mumbled under My Breath. "What Was That Babe?" Niall Asked "Nothing." We Sat in The Car For A Long While. I couldnt help But Grab Niall's Hand Because i Was So Nervous. We Parked The Car Then Got In The Long line Of Hundreds of People. An Hour Passed Not moving hardly Any. a Couple of Girls Came Up "Hey Niall!" With The Biggest Grins on Their Faces. I Smiled. "Hey" "Havent You Already Been on here?" They Said Sarcastacly Smiling "Actually i'm Here With Sarah." He Said "Oh how Do You Know Her?" "I Met Her A Couple Of Days Ago." he Said. She Glanced Down At Our hands And Winked I Just Smiled. They Left Then It Was Time To Move Up.


Niall's POV


She Was Nervous Our Hand Were Sweaty So i Moved My Hand To her Waist. She just Smiled. "Just As I Remember It." i Said. "Oh Really." She Said. We finally Got To the Top of The Line Filling out the Papers. We Got Inside Then She did her interveiw.


Sarah's POV


The Camera Came Over And Told Me What To Say.

"Hi I'm Sarah I'm From Oklahoma." Then I Was Three People Away From The Front. I Was So Nervous So I pulled Niall Closer. Before I Knew It. It Was time!

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