The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


20. The End Of The X-factor... "I made it this far!"

Sarah's POV

Yes! Today is the last day of the X-Factor! I can't believe that I made its this far! Mostly I can't wait to see my Niall.

My phone was ringing. It was Niall! "Hey Niall!" I Said Excitedly. "Hey babe!" He said "I get to come home today!" I said "I know! I can't wait!" He Said. "Well I have to pack and get ready love you so much bye." I said "Bye babe love you!"

3 Hours Later

It was time for the live shows. I was first as usual! "Sarah your up." Security said.

I sang I Wont Give Up. "When i look into your eyes......" I finished "That was Unbelievable Sarah!" Simon said. "Thank you so much!" I said then went off stage.  


It was the moment of truth!!!!!!

"Okay it's time to choose the winner." Simon said. I saw Niall and the boys in the audience. 

They discussed and looked around then finally. "The winner of the X-Factor is......" Simon paused "Sarah!" He yelled smiling. "Oh My Gosh!" I literally fell on my knees. I saw and the boys jump up and yell. Simon cane up to me and said "congratulations babe!" "Thank you so much!" I said hugging him. I hugged all of the judges and went down to Niall. I jumped in his arms he hugged me then kissed me.

"Lets get my bags." i said smiling. "Okay." He said smiling. The boys went and talked to Simon. I got my bags and the boys and we went to the hotel. 

I'm so happy! But whats next?

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