The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


13. The Audition.

Sarah's POV


I Gave Niall A Quick Kiss. Then they Told Me It Was Time. So i Went out There The bright Lights on My Face. "What's Your name?" Simon Asked. "Uhm Sarah." "Well What Are you Going To Sing For us Sarah?" He Asked. "Someone Like You By Adele." I Said nervously. "Okay." The Music Started. I Started Singing "I Heard That Your Settled Down That You Found a Girl and your Married Now....." I Saw Their Faces. They Were Slightly Smiling. I finished The Song. Was That Good? "Sarah That Was Amazing." Simon Said "I Think Your Great." One other judge Said. "Your unbelivable." Another Said "So What Is It?" Simon Asked. "I'm Giving you A Yes." one Said "Yes."Of Course." "I'm Giving You A Big yes! Your Through." Simon Said. I jumped Up. "Thankyou!" I Said Smiling. Niall Ran Out And picked Me Up And Turned Me Around. He Kissed Me When Simon Noticed Him. "Niall?" He Asked. "Oh Hi Simon." He Said. "What Are You Doing Here?" "oh I Came With Sarah." He Said Smiling. "oh Well She's Amazing!" We Both Smiled And Left.


Niall's POV


She Was Amazing. She Was Perfect. Unbelievable. When She Got Four Yesses. i Couldnt Help But Go Out There Pick Her up And Spin her Around. Simon Talked To me. The We Left.

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