The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


7. That One Day...

Sarah's POV


That Day We Got My Door Unlocked. "Wanna come In?" I Asked Niall "Uhm Sure." He Said I Went In My Room Then Sat On My Bed Niall just Stood There. So I Pat The Bed Next To Me And Said "Well Are you just Gonna Stand There?" "oh Well i guess Not" I Winked At Him "So What did We Have Planned For Today?" i Asked Him "Well We Could Walk Around London?" "Uhm sounds Good." I Said "Okay Then Thats What We Will Do. Okay i'm Going To Take A Shower Then Get Ready. Do You Want To Stay here?" I Asked him "Uhm I Guess I'll Stay" He Said "Okay Sounds Good you Can Do Whatever You Want, But i'll Be Back." "okay Love." So I Went To Take A Shower When i Was In There I Was Thinking What Was Going To Happen Today. Does He even Like Me? Then when i Was Done i Relized I Forgot My Towel in there With Niall. "uhm Niall Can You Bring Me My Towel?" I Asked "uhm Yeah hold On Im Coming." He Came In i Was Still just Standing In The Shower I Moved Then curtain And Made It Cover Me He Handed Me The Towel "Thanks Niall" "uh Uhm Your Welcome." He Shut The Door Then I Got out Wrapped My Self In The Towel The Walked Out To Get My Clothes Niall Looked Up "Uhm Hi Niall." I Winked "Oh Yeah Hi Sarah." I Went back In And i Blowdryed My Hair And Straightened It. I Put Light Makeup On With More Eyeliner. I Walked Out Then Said "Ready" He Looked Up Again "Your So Beautiful." Although I Only Was Wearing Skinny Jeans And A V-Neck sinful Shirt That Was Red And Black. "Oh Thanks." I Smiled "Well Where Would You Like To Eat?" He Asked "uhm How About Nandos?" I Winked "Sure!" He jumped Up. We Went To The Elevator And When We Were Going Down I Noticed He kept Looking At Me But I Just Acted Like i Didnt notice. We Walked Since It Wasnt Far Then We Got There "What Do You Want?" He Asked "Uhm Whatever The best Thing Is" I Said He Got the Same He Ordered For Me. We Finished Eating Then This Girl Around 15 Walked Up and Said "Oh My Gosh Niall Horan!!!!!" Screaming i Just Looked At Niall. he Winked At Me. She Wanted A picture So i Was The one To Take it I Heard her Ask Niall "Who is She?" And He Said "My Very Close Friend" He Winked "Well She's Beautiful" "Thanks Love" He Winked "Bye Niall!" She Yelled he Just Waved. After That We Went To Walk Around. We Walked Around To Shops We Went Into This One Place With Very Beautiful jewlery And i Loved one And Niall Got it For Me. It Was A Heart With Dimonds Around It. i didnt Bother Looking At The price Though. "Thankyou So Much Niall You didnt Have To" I Said Giving him a Big Hug. He Put his Hands On My Waist And I Got butterflies. I Guess Thats what Made me Know He Did honestly Like Me. "So Are you Ready To Go Back?" He Asked "Sure" We Walked out the Store And Down The Road. When I Felt His hand grab Mine I Looked Up And Smiled at him. We finally got To The Hotel. our Hands Still Interlocked With Eachothers. We Went Up The Elavator. I Turned To Him And Said "Do You Want To Stay With me Tonight?" "Sure."

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