The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


8. That Night

Sarah's POV


"Do you Wanna Watch A Movie." "Uhm Sure." He Said "But Not Scary." I Said "That Takes All The fun out Of It Now You Wont Lean On Me." He SAid With his Lip Out "Yes I Will." "Okay." He winked At Me.We Decided To Watch Dear John Which i Hate. "I Hate This Movie." I Said Looking At Niall he Just Yawend and Smiled. The movie Was over so I Took it out. I Turned of The TV. When I Felt His Hands on My Waist Making Me Gasp Lightly. We Went And Sat on The Bed Really Close. When He Leaned Down To Kiss Me. our Noses Touching When Our Lips Met. We Were Kissing For Along Time When He Was On Top of Me His Hands on My Waist. I pulled his Shir over his Head And He Pull Mine Off. Soon We Were Just in our Underwear and Bra, But We Didnt Go That Far... Not Yet Anyways. We Were just Laying there he Leaned To Kiss Me Then He Said Those Three Most importand Words Ever "I Love You." "I..I Love You Too Niall." We Were So Close his Arm Around my Waist And My hand On His Chest... we Both Drifted Off

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