The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


9. Sing To Me Love...

Sarah's POV


I Went to Take a Shower Niall Was Still Asleep. I Was in The shower singing One Directions Moments.


i got out dressed and ready Niall Was Still Asleep. i Shook him A little He Put The Covers Over His Head. I Said "Babe Get Up." "I Am Up Love, And I Heard You singing Moments When You Were In The Shower You Were Amzing. So Sing To Me." "But I Dont Like Singing In Front Of People." i Said "Well You Can Sing To Me." He Said Convincing "Fine" I Said Sighing "Let's Go Get My Guitar Babe." So We Walked Down To His Room. The Boys Were Up. They Saw his Hand Around My Waist. "So Your A Thing Now huh Niall?" Louis Said "Uhm I Dont Know Yet." He Said Looking Down At Me. "We Are Here To Get My guitar So She Can Sing." "Well I Wanna here." Harry Said "Yeah!" They All Said "Well Let Me just Sing With Niall First." Then we Left. We Got My Room Then He played Stereo Hearts,And Moments. Then I Sang Here Sang With Me. "Your Amazing!" "Oh Uh Thanks" I Said Looking Down At The Ground. "I Know You Should Go On The X-Factor!" "But Uh Im Not That Good." I Said "Well Lets Just See What The Boys Have To Say About That." "No Niall." he put Me Over His Shoulder Got His guitar And Went To The Elevator He Put Me Down. he Dragged Me Along to his room. "Hey Lads Sarah's Gonna Sing For Us!" "Yay!" They All Said "Fine." Finally I Sang stereo Hearts And Moments. "Your Amazing Sarah." Liam Said. "Your Really Good." Harry Said "Yeah Wondeful" Zayn Said "I Told Her She Should Go on The X-Factor." Niall Said "You Really Should Sarah You Have The Talent And Look Where it Got Us!" Louis Said. "Well Maybe,but I Dont Have The Money." I Said "We will pay!" "Uhgg Fine." I Kissed Niall on The Cheek. "Thanks." "Your Welcome." He Smiled

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