The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


19. Nervous!

Sarah's POV

I got up this morning still missing Niall. I had to get ready for rehearsals/Auditions. I'm so nervous.

My phone starting ringing. It was Niall. "Hello?" I said "Hey babe." "Whats up?" I asked. "Nothing whats going on today?" He asked. "The auditions" I said nervously. "Don't be nervous babe." He said "What makes you think that i'm nervous?" i asked "I just know babe." he said "Well gotta go love you babe bye." I said. "Bye love you too." He said.

"Lets go Sarah." El said. "Okay." We walked down to where the auditions were. I was first!

"Sarah your up!" Simon said. I went up there. I picked Sad by Maroon 5, Because I love that song, and I know it very well.

"Man it's been a long day........" I sang the best i could "Thank you." Simon said.

I walked in the house and El was smiling "Good job kid." She said. "Thanks. Good luck!" She smiled. It was her turn next.

She sang really good. 

We went back to our rooms. There was nothing to do so i went to bed. I can't wait til this is over so i can see Niall!

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