The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


17. Moving In...

Sarah's POV

"Are you Ready?" Niall Asked Smiling "Yeah I Guess" i Sighed "Come on be happy you wont regret this." He said still smiling "okay but i will just miss you so much." i said "I know." he said kissing me. We left the hotel went down stairs and got in the car. "I love you Niall." i said "I love yous too Sarah." he said putting his hand on mine. We were almost there. The rest of the time we just spent holding hands. Finally we got there."We are here." he said smiling."Yupp!" I said getting out. he got my bag and Of Course i got Simon as my mentor. "Hey Niall!" Simon Called Over. "Hey Simon!" "So im guessing youre moving Sarah In Ay?" Simon asked. "Why yes i am." We Walked up to the house and went in. Simon led us to a room. "This was my room!" Niall Said. "Well then that must be good luck for me then." i said leaning in to kiss him."I figured you would want this room." Simon Said. "Yes its perfect. Thankyou. So do i have any roommates?" "Ah yes you do. They should be here any minute now." "Hey." I heard an unfamiliar voice. I think i saw her sing. "Hi i'm El." She Said "I'm Sarah." I said "Oh I saw you sing youre amazing." "Thanks You Too." i said She put her bags on a bed. I went over to Niall to hug him. "I'm gonna miss you so much babe. I love you." I said. "I Love You Too Babe." We hugged For A while. "Oh Isnt It Niall Horan." El Said. "Haha yes may i ask whoa speaking?" he said "I'm El And Sarah must be your girlfriend." She Said "It hasnt been official but i'd say she is." he said. I smiled. "Well i'd better go." Niall Said. I went up To him and kissed him. He hugged me. "I Love you and I'll Miss You visit me soon!" I said "I Will love you bye." "Love you too bye."

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