The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


15. Just Another Night With Him....

Sarah's POV


After All Of The Boys Congratulated Me Niall and i Went To his Room... "So What Do You Want To Do Now." He Winked putting his Hand on Mine."i Dont know what do you wanna do." i said now sitting in his lap. "I think we'll just do what we want then huh?" He Said Laying Down "yeah sounds good to me." We started kissing he was on top of me taking his shirt off. i Looked Nervous i guess cause he said "Are You okay With This?" "Yes Why Wouldnt I be Are You?" I Asked "Yes of Course." he Said he Leaned Down And Kissed Me. I Kissed him Back. We Rolled Over Now I Was on Top. he Took My Shirt off. He Got back on Top Of Me. Then He Started kissing My Neck. "I Love You So Much Sarah." he Said Breathing heavy. He Kept Kissing me. i Sat Up. We Were Still Kissing. He Slipped Off his pants then slipped off mine. We Got Under The Covers. Then We Heard A Knock on The Door. "Hey Guys!" And Of Course It Was Good Ol Louis. "what!" Niall said. "Are You Busy?" Louis Said "Yeah A Little." He Said "Oh Oh I See Continue on!" He Said. "Oh Louis." i said he started kissing me again. we were very passionant. After we were done we went to sleep. "I Love You." He Said. "I Love You Too." I Said



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