The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


3. Great!

 Sarah's POV


So I Walked to my room went in sat down and just thought. did i really just meet one direction and going on a Date With Niall Horan? Oh My Gosh My Date! What Do I Wear? So I Went Down To The Lobby Then went back To My Room When I Noticed i Forgot My Key! "Great!" I Yelled Quite Loudly i Couldnt Think of what To Do So I Went To Niall's Room I knocked On The Door When Niall opened It And Said "Well That Was Quick" And Winked "Well i accidentally locked my self out of my room" I Said all the boys giggled a Little And Niall Said "Hold On" He Went over To The boys And Whispered Something Then Came Back Over Here And Said "Would You Like To Stay here Tonight?" i Said " um Are you Sure?" They All Said "Yes" "I Said "What About our Date?" He Said "We Can Have it here" i Said "Okay" " Do You Wanna Come In?" i Said " of Course"


Niall's POV

Sarah's Going To Stay In Our Hotel Room! What Do I Do I Really like her Should I Talk To Her And tell her How I Feel Should I Kiss her Or just Take It Slow?  But Does She Like Me?


Sarah's POV


I'm Going To Stay At Niall's Hotel Room! Should I Tell Him how I Feel or Should We Take It Slow? But What If he Doesnt Like Me?

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