The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


6. Good Morning.

Sarah's POV


I Got Up To The Sound Of The Boys Laughing. So I Looked Beside Me And There Niall Was More Adorable Then Ever. i Got Up And Went To The living Room. All The Boys Head Shot Up "Oh Hey Sarah" Harry Said Staring At My Legs. i Looked Down "Oh sorry About What I'm Wearing." I Said "Oh No It's okay." Zayn Said And Winked At Me. "Are You Hungry?" Liam Asked "Oh Yeah." He Went in the kitchen Then Came Out With A Pancake. "Here You go Love." "Thanks Liam." I Said. I Ate My pancake Then Put My Dish in The Sink Then Went Back to Niall's Room. I Wiggled Niall A Little Bit. He Said "What." Man His Morning Voice Was Sexy. "Please Get Up I'm Bored." I Said And Stuck My Lip Out. "Fine." He Sat up And Looked At Me And Smiled. "your Really pretty Sarah." He Said Looking Down. i Didnt Really Say Anything. I just Smiled At Him.


Niall's POV


Man She Was Pretty I Just Really Wanted To hug her. i Think There Will Be A Future With Me And Her. "Well What Do You Want To Do Today?" i Asked "Uhmm Whatever you Want I'm Your Today." She Winked."Well We Could Walk Around London With The Boys." "sounds Good To Me, But Maybe We Need To Get My Door Unlocked."

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