The irish affect

Sarah's Mom And Dad take A Trip to London She Was The Only one That Wanted To go
find Out what Journey she had Planned.....


11. Getting ready.

Sarah's POV


Niall Decided That I Should Sing Someone Like You. "Okay start When i play The intro. He played The Intro On His Guitar "I Heard That Your Settled Down......" i Sang The Whole song "That Was great Sarah." He Said. Thanks He Went Over Mutipule Things of How I Can Get Better. "I Think Your Ready Love." He Winked i just Leaned Over kissed Him softly And Said "Thanks Niall"


Niall's POV


She's Amazing. Those Were The Only Words i Could Think of. She Leaned over And Kissed Me. "I Love You Babe." She Said "I Love You Too Sarah."

She's Ready.....

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