Have you ever wondered what lurks beneath?
Grace, a five year old girl who went missing whilst on holiday. There's no evidence, no trace of her existence.
What would you do?


1. Revenge

A parent's worst nightmare; losing a child. The worry, the hysterical screaming, it's what keeps me alive. You see, I live alone in a secluded area. No one even knows I exist and that's how I want it to stay. I am never seen, but I'm always there. Watching. Sometimes I wish I could escape the frightful place that I call my home, although, what fun would that be? It's the water that keeps my heart beating, the water that surges adrenaline through my veins. It satisfies me.


My family overlook my existence. I don't know what I ever did to them. Sometimes I dream what it would feel like to be wanted and loved, but it's then that the pain and hatred overpowers my emotions and the only thing I can do to stop it is revenge. Pure, sweet revenge. It's then when I begin to surface. The sunlight burns my face causing ugly blisters to appear. The dryness of the air makes it hard for me to breathe but I still press on. I only have one mission in life: to devastate others.


As my head breaks through the water, my heart begins to pound. I have to be quick, in this trade you cannot afford to be seen. I scan the area expiditiously yet thoroughly ensuring I know exactly what surrounds me. It hasn't changed since the last time I surfaced. The same large structure which I believe is a hotel stands tall in front of me. Beside it lies a small building that smells strongly of blood. Human blood. I guess it is a place where mortals socialise, the perfect place for a catch. I turn ninety degrees clockwise to find myself looking at a tiny blue circle, very similar to the one that I am in now. It's there where I will find exactly what I'm looking for. Small, innocent children playing aimlessly. I immerse back into the water. My eyes strain to focus on a little drain one and a half meters down. If I'm correct it will lead me straight to them. My legs trail behind me as I make my way to it. I reach my arms out ahead and my fingers lock on to the flimsy metal. With a small pull...I'm in.

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