Have you ever wondered what lurks beneath?
Grace, a five year old girl who went missing whilst on holiday. There's no evidence, no trace of her existence.
What would you do?


4. Regret

My first catch of the year. By my estimations, she is no more than five years old. Perfect. This means that her meat won't be tough and chewy, something that I can't bear. As I dive deeper and deeper into the depths of never ending misery, I take a look at my catch. Her hair, chesnut brown and flowing full of live behind her. Her face, pale yet soft and beautiful. But it's her eyes that cause a feeling I have never experienced flood through me, guilt. There lifeless, cold and brutal. They stare deep into the ocean. How could I do something like this to an innocent little girl? The feeling of pain and hatred returned, overwhelming the guilt. I'm a monster. To be feared by all.

As I swam deeper and deeper into the ocean, in search for my cave, I realised something. I was lonely. How could something like me have friends, let alone a companion? I turned around to see the little girl flailing in the current behind me. I couldn't possibly eat her and there was no chance of me returning her. Surfacing now would cause an unbelievable amount of chaos. By now, her family must be panic stricken, wondering where she's gotten to. The police would be most defiantly involved. If someone saw me, I'd be taken, locked up and dissected, therefore putting my whole species at risk. You see, there are more creatures like me that are camouflaged by the water. They don't make themselves known, but I can sense their existence. Just like I can a human.

Once in the security of my own home, I wept. My bloodstained and salty tears joined the calling of the sea. What was happening to me? Just like I did before, I stared longingly into the child's eyes, searching for hope. I knew deep down that I had to do it. I had to mutate.

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