Have you ever wondered what lurks beneath?
Grace, a five year old girl who went missing whilst on holiday. There's no evidence, no trace of her existence.
What would you do?


2. Lost

The 25th August 1995. A day that will never stray from my mind. I was on holiday with my two small children on the coast of Athens. Earlier that year I had finalised my divorce with my ex husband Alex. It had been very stressful, therefore I had decided to take our children away for a break. Molly who was five was so excited, she loved to listen to the waves of the sea and build sandcastles on the shore. Whereas Grace, who was two years her senior, preferred to sit back and watch her little sister. I had booked a large hotel that had one swimming pool for adults and a smaller pool for the children. I figured then that if Grace wanted to play with Molly it would be the perfect solution.

The 25th was an exceptionally hot day, as the temperature exceeded forty five degrees celcius we made the decision to spend the day playing by the pool. Molly was ecstatic. She packed her pink sunglasses and her ball into her bag and yelled for me to hurry up as the pool was getting busy. Not really surprising regarding the searing heat. Grace was less keen. She dragged her feet all the way down to the pool resulting in her sandals becoming scuffed. "It's only for one day," I told her. But she still didn't smile.

As we reached the pool, we put our towels and bags down on a sun bed and Molly asked Grace if she would like to race into the water. At first, she declined the offer, however as heat of the day approached she agreed. "Only for five minutes though," she said. Nevertheless after half an hour, they were still having fun and their shrieks of laughter could be heard all around the complex. I looked up and I could see that the lifeguard was on duty, so I called over to them that I was just going to get a drink from the bar. There was only two other people waiting so I wasn't going to be long. I picked up my bag and wandered over to the other guests waiting to be served. The bar tender, Oliver, had just gone out the back to get some more ice and he had assured them that he wouldn't be more than five minutes. I turned round just to make sure that my girls were okay, but I couldn't see Grace anywhere. My initial thought was that they were playing a game of hide-and-seek. That was until Molly came over in tears saying that she had just got out the pool to get her ball when she had turned round and Grace was gone. Vanished.

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