Have you ever wondered what lurks beneath?
Grace, a five year old girl who went missing whilst on holiday. There's no evidence, no trace of her existence.
What would you do?


3. Drowned

I tried to swim. It didn't work. My limbs were too weak and brittle for such a powerful monster. I've always told Molly that fairytale creatures weren't real and were just a figment of the imagination. I couldn't have been more wrong.

As I lay back I could feel a small current beneath me. It grew stronger and more forceful. I called Molly but she couldn't hear me. I was alone, just like I am now. I can't really remember the rest as it all happend so quickly. What I do remember haunts me every second of my waking hour. I couldn't breathe; I lost all ability to use my arms and legs. It was a living nightmare. Something that only happens in the movies. The last thing I remember is something grabbing my ankle with an ice cold hand. I tried so hard to escape and run over to my Mother. It was no use. It was too strong.

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