Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Or what's our purpose to be here? Have you ever wonder why something bad or good happens to you in life but you don't know what you did wrong or good? Well I know am not perfect nor the smartest person in the world but this is what I have to say about life...


1. Life




Life is full of surprises

Wondering what a waits

When the sunrises

There are lots of celebrations


Life is very kind

Memories fill your mind

You will never forget

Just don’t over regret


It’ll give you lots of love

From above

And give you great gifts

That you can’t resist


Life can be cruel

Even if you act so cool

There’s always a rain

That raises your pain


Never forget that rainbows exists

After all the rough twists

All those pains are just a test

From life itself, so try your best


It’s like riding on roller coasters

There are ups and downs

Lots of smiles and frowns

Trying to get along with brothers

And even sisters


Not knowing where to go

What happens when it stops?

I just don’t know

It’s risky for there are many traps


Life teaches lessons

So be more kind

There are always reasons

Keep that in mind


Love life and be free!

For life will be good for you

Believe me

This is true!

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