good bye my friend

it is sad


1. 1

once there was a little girl who couldn't be happier.

she was her parents princess.

they wanted what was best for their little girl.

it was her 3rd birthday.

so her parents threw her a party in the park.

everyone was there.

their family just everyone knew.

they had cake, gifts anything for their little princess.

everything was great.

she got lots of amazing things.

including a puppy she loved.

but when none of the adults were watching.

and none of the kids were playing with the 3 year old girl.

she played with her puppy.

the puppy wondered off and so the little girl followed it.

the puppy wondered off into the road.

by the time the little girl got to see where her puppy was.

her eyes drowned with tears.

she ran into the middle of the road where her dead puppy was lying.

she cried so loud she didn't notice a huge truck coming around the corner at 60mph.

since she was a small girl and the truck was huge.

the driver hit the girl.

sliding past the trees and off a cliff.

the adults hear the commotion.

and the parents noticed their princess was gone.

they searched and found her.

dead besides her dead puppy.

the cops and ambulance were already there.

the parents ran up to their dead child.

and cried their eyes out till the sun set.

and the officer had told them to leave.

even though the parents wanted everything for their princess.

they didn't give her a funeral.

in fact no one had seen her parents since the death of their child.

some say they vanished.

others say they died with their daughter.

some say they are still crying at the side of their daughter and her puppy.

all for sure.

they had never been seen again...


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