This is my entry for the big poetry competition. It's about a girl being dumped by her boyfriend for another girl, I hope this poem is something which people can relate to. I've put it under romance because I thought this was the closest category because it's about romance ending. I really hope you all like it, please like/fav if you do! :) x


1. Break-Up

Each word was a stone that he threw at my heart
But rather than split into neat little pieces
It ripped at the core, shredding apart
It's orderly rhythm hurriedly ceases.

My mind is a whirr as it tried to make sense
Of the words that had caused my heart such distress
The word "us" sounded strange when used in the past tense
I struggled to place what had caused all this mess.

You expect me to say that my eyes filled with tears
But in fact I stood staring at him with shock
All I could think was of all of my fears
The worst was not having him there as my rock.

I wished to rewind and replay the last year
To re-live all our dates from movies to meals
To try and work out what brought us to here
The reason he no longer feels what I feel.

He tried out the line "it's not you it's me"
But everyone knows if that was the case
I'd be the one with dry eyes not he
So instead I must search for the truth in his face.

As my eyes meet his in my desperate quest
He answers my question with the words a girl dreads
"I met someone else", my heart froze in my chest
And an image of a girl is formed in my head.

Blonde hair of course and beautiful she'll be
With the perfect thin figure to draw a man in
As she's shown by the way she stole mine from me
She might have him now but I won't let her win.

With that thought I shed my vulnerableness
And look up at him now with my eyes dry
Knowing he will be mine never-the-less
As no one does revenge better than I.
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