Short Descriptions.

Short,descriptive writing pieces. Hope that you enjoy!


4. Panda

I hate it here in this cage. People staring,people pointing. The bamboo isn't even nice. Woody and tasteless. It's so squished in this cage, I hardly have room to turn around. And then there's the other pandas, smelly and scared like me. Maybe one day I can try to escape...but they'll only bring me back. I used to be free, roaming the wilderness,climbing trees,running free with the wind whipping my ears back. I used to have children and a partner but I got split up from them a while ago. Then of course there's the stick. The evil,tormenting,powerful stick. It whips me and not at all like the wind in the wild. The wind was soft and kind and gentle. This stick is bad. Very bad. It comes out when the tourists go. I wish I could be a free panda not a trapped panda.

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